Between launching a product and landing the deals, one key skill must be put on show: “excellent word usage.” Be it in negotiations, trying to motivate your team, arousing your client’s interest, selling ideas, passing pieces of information, describing an experience, putting down your thoughts, etc. your ability to use specific words and avoid certain others will place you on leading-edge.
In my quest for personally and professionally success, I discover some phrases are unhelpful – they negatively affect our mind and emotion, leaving us mentally drained, weak, daunted and unproductive. Such words ultimately prevent us from achieving our dreams, mostly, without realising it.
You can tell by mere listening to people speak and discern whether or not they are going to succeed. That’s the reason today, I want to show you certain phrases to avoid, which can negatively affect your mind and ultimately stop you from achieving your dream. Let’s get your dream out the door by avoiding the following phrases:
#1: “It’s too late.” The phrase is mostly used by losers and fraidy-cats who believe they have missed the opportunity to meet certain terms, conditions or demands. Such people do not believe in repeated opportunities, hence they give up once they fail at an attempt. Mentally tough people on the other hand believe the maxim “better late than never.” And that explains why successful people would keep trying when others give up.
#2: “I can’t do it.” This is one of the most destructive phrases anyone would use. Once expressed, the brain’s capacity to think, analyse and bring up results is automatically shut down. The brain becomes inactive and reverts to its non-productive state. Mentally tough and successful people don’t use the phrase, they understand it’s deadly.  
#3: “It will go wrong.” This phrase is mostly used by negative people. And the problem with negative people is that they have problem for every solution. They are quick to anticipate problems, they are quick to give up and are quick to discourage others. 
#4: It’s impossible. Nothing was ever thought possible until someone tried it. Nothing was ever done until someone made an attempt. Whether possible or not, it depends on an individual. Successful and mentally tough people don’t see impossibilities; they see possibilities, they make moves and they don’t give up trying.
#5: I’m not good at it. This is one phrase mostly used by quitters and those who are fond of giving excuses. Successful people don’t use the phrase because they don’t give excuses. They will rather go out of their way, do everything humanly possible and get things done. 
#6: It’s not my fault. This phrase is mostly used by those who have mastered the art of the “blame game.” They exonerate themselves when things go wrong and make others responsible for their own failures. Such people don’t take responsibility for anything because they believe their life is controlled by others. Mentally tough people on the other hand take blames, and they take responsibility for their flaws.
#7: “I tried my best, but…” While mentally weak people accept “near success attempt” as great and satisfying moves, mentally tough people on the other hand understand that failure plus explanation is not success. Successful people have a clear standard – you either fail or succeed; there’s no middle ground. And your best is only acceptable when you win.
#8: “I can’t help it.” This phrase is mostly used by people who lack the discipline required to succeed at anything of note. The reason is because they are stuck in their old life-style and would not change. The truth however is, anyone who cannot change/control himself [attitude, character, manner, obsession, addiction, lifestyle, etc.] cannot change anything significant and would not succeed at anything extraordinary. 
Successful people are however in charge of their lives. They can adapt to any situation and would change from time to time as occasion demands. 
#9: “I need lots of time to weigh things and make up my mind.” – Successful people understand the value of time and would not unnecessarily withhold it. It has been said that one key factor that differentiate successful people from others is their response time – while successful people make up their minds in one breath and at the blink of eyes, it takes eternity for poor people to make their minds up. 
Successful people also do not easily change their minds, they stick with their plans. Veering off course is nevertheless easy for mentally weak people. That’s the reason they move from one relationship to another, one career to another, and would end up becoming “jack of all trade.”
#10: “This is the way it has always been done.” Mentally weak people believe in dogma, they accept other people’s thinking and ways of life.  Successful people on the other hand think differently – they chart a new course for themselves, set the pace for others, and then change the dogma. Mentally tough people are dynamic. 
#11: “Life isn’t fair.” This phrase is a sign of weakness and acceptance of defeat, the characteristic of a mentally weak individual. Successful people however believe in equal opportunities and accessibility to life’s resources. While some folks move around with defeated mind-set, mentally tough people on the other hand accept whatever life throws at them, then convert it to springboards for success. 
#12: “It’s too early/too late.” These phrases are mostly used by lazy people who believe that certain things must be done at certain convenient times. They believe the world should move at their pace. Successful people on the other hand understand there are neither perfect times nor easy tasks, in this manner they face life’s challenges as they unfolds. 
Let’s hear from you: You sure know some mental damaging words. Share them in the comment box below and tell us how they have affected you in the past.

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