You’re almost behind if by now you’re still not prepared for the year 2020. Trust me; those who will achieve great heights are by now ready for action. In fact, many of them have started implementing their ideas. Smart people are certainly not taken by surprise; they think ahead and move ahead of everyone. They are physically and mentally prepared at all times, which is the first step to success.

I want to share with you 13 mistakes most people repeatedly make – the reasons they are stuck where they are.

#1. Stop Being Controlled By Circumstances.

Nature fights advancement; it is called restrictive force. Something you don’t understand keeps holding you back/down every time you want to take action.The reason you did not further your education last year is the same reason you didn’t give time to your relationship. The reason you could not keep working on your shape this year is the same reason you may not be able to save for your project next year.

Nature simply will give you enough reasons to complain, enough reasons to quit, enough reasons to neglect your relationship, enough reasons not to save, enough reasons not to go back to school, enough reasons to procrastinate. If next year must be your best year ever, you must take charge of your life – do things deliberately, endure the pain of the process, and you will have to be persistent without losing focus.

Don’t flow with the tide, drive against it if you have to. What do you want to achieve next year? Write it down and go for it without fail!

This will help you if you…

#2. Stop Hanging With Unproductive People.

You don’t need people who will constantly gossip and discuss others with you. You don’t need people who will discuss latest movies, the trend of dance and clothes with you. You will always become your friends. That’s the reason you must choose wisely who you always hang out with.

You need purpose-driven people who will be your ladder/bridge to your goal/dreams/purpose. You need a network of smart and intelligent people whose mind cannot be bottled-up.

I can predict your future if you show me your friends.

You can make awesome friends if you…

#3. Stop Being Indoor.

Presidents mingle with presidents, so do other great people. There are places where governors meet. There are places where business people meet and there are places where losers meet.

It’s not enough to just go out, you must go to the right places where you can find the right people with correct mindset. Attend professional meetings or business meetings. Go to seminars and targeted social gatherings. If it’s membership meeting, go with someone who is a member and ask him or her to link you up.

This, somehow, will help you to…

#4. Stop Being Distracted.

When you are too available to too many people at too many times on too many issues, ultimately, you’d be distracted. And by distraction, I mean shifting your eyes away from your goal. It happens gradually and imperceptibly.

Every goal or dream needs attention.

You don’t achieve your dreams most of the time because you allow other people or things get in your way. People must know what’s important to you, when you’re busy, their boundaries and the things you detest. You must reduce social media activities unless they are productive. You should stop watching movies. Yes, especially seasonal movies, they kill your dream. You should stop unproductive get-togethers and activities.

This will be stress-free if you…

#5. Stop Being A Yes-Yes Person.

One of the greatest mistakes you will make next year is to say yes to every demand people will place on you. You must understand you can’t do everything, you can’t be everywhere, you can’t meet every need and you can’t answer every question.

Politely say, “No, I can’t make it”. “No, I won’t be available”. “Thank you, I’d be fine here”. “Oh, I have an engagement that same day”. “Thank you, but I can’t accept the offer”. “Oh, sorry, I don’t have it right now”. “I won’t be able to help you on this, I’m sorry”.

You don’t have to feel sorry and you don’t need to always explain yourself. Politely say NO and move on with your life.

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You can master this if you…

#6. Stop Living By Impulse.

If you must move from where you are now to where you want to be, then you can’t live on your cravings or feelings. You must be disciplined enough to do things even when you don’t feel like doing them and restrain yourself sometimes when you have the urge to do certain other things.

You must know what’s important and what’s not. What is urgent and what’s not. You must deal with what is important and urgent first. While some things are important, they also can wait.

This won’t be a problem if you…

#7. Stop Being Ignorant.

Nothing limits you more than the lack of knowledge. There are opportunities you can’t tap into because you don’t know they exist. You can do a lot of things if you know how to go about them. That’s the reason you need knowledge. You need to know how things are done and there’s no better way of doing this other than developing your mind.

You need to eat books. There are great books you can read on whatever you need to know. You tap into great minds; you know what they know and learn how they succeed when you read their books.

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You can also attend seminars, take courses or download YouTube videos. You should go back to school if you need to, learn a skill if you have to. By all means, get knowledge.

This will not be easy if you don’t…

#8. Stop Hanging With People Who Drain Your Energy.

There are people who drain you mentally and emotionally every time you connect with them. They tell you things that make you doubt yourself. They tell you how you’re not competent, and then they compare you with someone they know who’s doing excellently well.

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There are people who make you angry every time you stay with them. There are people who feel you’re not good enough for what you do. And there are people who always say hurtful and negative things to you.

Avoid these people as much as you can.

Stay with people who infuse you with energy to move mountains.

You have to do this immediately and…

#9. Stop Procrastinating.

You know how it’s done; I’d do it later. Then later becomes tomorrow and before you know it, it slips away forever and never to be remembered. How many times have you said you’d do something later and you never attended to it again?

If you can do it today, don’t keep it until tomorrow.

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Make that phone call now. Write the letter now. Reply the mail now. Go get what you need now. Delay is dangerous, do it now!

You’re smart if you…

#10. Stop Waiting For A Perfect Time.

No time is entirely perfect, actually.

You don’t know what people go through before they become who you now see. You don’t know the sacrifices and investment people make before they get what they now have.

If you are waiting to have everything you need before you take action, you may never leave where you are. If you know what you want, then you should take your first step right away. It’s a step at a time and before you know it, you’ve gone far.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, however, you must…

#11. Stop Being Afraid

Starting something big comes with fear and a level of uncertainty. I’ve been there. But over the years, I’ve achieved every goal I had the gut to pursue.

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Oh, I know those fears:

The fear of failure – what if I don’t succeed?

The fear of rejection – what if people don’t accept me?

The fear of doubt – maybe I’m not ready

The fear of uncertainty – what will happen once I start?

The fear of progress – how will I keep it up?

The fear inadequacy – maybe I should take it easy

The fear of maintenance – how do I keep up my new level?

Don’t worry about those. Just ignore them. That was what I did, eventually.

Stop being afraid. Just start something. Just do it!

It will make sense in the long run if you…

#12. Stop Giving Up Too Quickly

I’m a gifted speaker. I so much can move people with words. Even when I wasn’t polished as a very young boy, I was called an energetic speaker.  But I’m not so gifted writing, so it took a lot of practice before I attain this level.

A few days ago, Facebook shared with me some memories of the pieces I wrote 7 years ago and I was ashamed of myself. They hold poor spellings, bad tenses, poor structures and a lot of other pesky errors.

I wasn’t an excellent writer but I didn’t give up. I’ve not attained perfection yet, but I’m better than I used to be.

This can apply to any area of your life. Don’t give up on your goal.

You can succeed better if you…

#13. Stop Investing In Bad Relationships

Your relationship affects every area of your life. From how you think to how productive you are. While a good relationship can help double your performance, especially when you have the needed support [emotionally, mentally, financially, etc.], a bad relationship can wreck you completely.

You can’t just jump at anybody in the name of love. You know how it was with your past relationships. First, you need to know whether or not you are ready for a relationship or marriage. You can .

Second, you must take . You should know if you’re in the right relationship

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Third, if you’re ripe for marriage and have prayed for a partner, then you can join my Speed Dating Group on WhatsApp. Everybody in that group is single and searching. You can add them, chat with them and who knows? You might meet that special person. Join the group HERE.

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Speak Your Mind: The list is not exhaustive. Add other things that can make 2020 a great year for all of us.

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