Have you observed how ordinary life could be?

Everybody just following the same cycle. 99.9 percent of the world’s population do just enough to tag along and do the barest minimum required to get by. Only very few take the pain to be extraordinary.

Let me explain; football is the most popular game in the world, at every stadium and street corner, people play football but only a few people are exceptional enough to get famed and paid for it. Everyone alive eats but some people are paid to eat; ask the connoisseurs who taste the food and drinks of presidents and kings.

The bulk of us burn money and time driving cars, trying to impress people who don’t care. But there are people who make money by doing the same and I don’t mean the cab drivers or chauffeurs. There are drivers who earn more than some bank managers. Ask the guy who drives President Barak Obama or President Jonathan, or ask Michael Schumacher a world celebrated millionaire and a driver.

Everybody talks, many even get themselves into trouble talking, but there are people who earn millions speaking. Ask the John Maxwells, Les Browns and Fela Durotoyes of this world. [Who says talk is cheap?]

As 2017 unfolds, make up your mind to take yourself out of the ordinary. Identify something in you that you will be an expert at, to get famed and paid for by the end of 2017. Decide to add enormous value to yourself that you become exceptional, and leave the multitude of average people. Anybody can do anything, but it takes being exceptional to get famed and paid for it.  

Sure you can’t be a master at everything, but you can be a master at ONE THING. Let the world beat a path to your door just to consult you for that one thing. Let billionaires, presidents and diplomats come to consult you just because of ONE THING you have developed yourself to become a ‘wizard’ at. JUST ONE THING and no more.

Research showed that it takes only 10,000 hours of practice to become a genius at anything. So if you decide today, then in 5 years you can complete your 10,000 hours if you practice for four hours daily.

You can start this year, you can start today. The journey of a thousand miles start with one step.  Start the first one hour of your 10,000 hours immediately you are done reading this.

Go online browse about it, find out the world best at it and start to learn from them by checking them up at least weekly. It is the quality of knowledge that is infused into their activity that gives it the value that people will want to pay so much for.

Get knowledgeable, devour books. Put in your time, say no to distractions, and be willing to pay the price for greatness. Don’t remain as a mere statistics in the world’s population. Become great at something. Africa can only be great if Africans are great, Nigeria can only be great if Nigerians are great.

Stand out! Be exceptional! Make 2017 your turn-around year!

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