As you may already know, leadership is not necessarily wearing a big tag, occupying the corner office or any such paraphernalia that we attach to power and leadership. I believe that while occupying the topmost position doesn’t make you a leader, being a leader can get you to occupy that topmost office. And how you can start out in achieving that is what I am about to share with you.

Whatever your level in the organization, you have some form of leverage to prove and assert leadership and this opportunity presents itself in many ways including interacting with your superiors and colleagues, discharging your duties and managing issues.

In order to assert yourself as a leader at work, you need to have an understanding of some basic principles and bring them to bear at your workplace.

Be Proactive: First, you need to understand that if you want to stay ahead, you need to see ahead of everyone else. In achieving this, you have to grasp where your company is going and where it wants to be. Get to understudy your superiors, know where they are headed with the company and understand what drives and motivates them personally. With this, you will be able to project ahead and know what step exactly you are supposed to take per time and hit the mark every time.

Kill Excuses Totally: Don’t ever find yourself defensive or giving excuses. Excuses put you in a position of weakness and that is one place you don’t want to ever find yourself on your way to the top. So whenever things go south, own up straight away and accept responsibility for it; admit when you’ve messed it up. Give the steps you intend to take immediately to correct the mess created.

Don’t Ever Complain: it is only lazy weaklings and losers who complain at work. Even when things don’t go your way or management is being sheer insensitive to your plight, don’t resort to grumblings and complaining. If there is anything you don’t understand, seek clarifications from the right channel in a cordial and formal way. This will earn you immense respect.

Be Sparse With Apologies: Never create an avenue to apologize for a particular issue for more than once. In fact, if you can and I believe you do, make sure that you never have a need to offer an apology. This is not to encourage pomposity or pride but rather to push yourself to excellence and exactitude. Nobody ever has to apologize for a job well done, and if you keep turning out a great job, you will never have the need to offer an apology. Whatever task you do, do it so well, on time and according to instruction that you do not have to ever offer an apology to superiors or subordinates.

When you have done this consistently enough, you end up building a reputation for yourself that stands you out.

When you are thinking well ahead and your opinions become trusted, you win the respect of your subordinates. When your superiors realize you are in tandem with them, they naturally bring you into their circle.

The result of this might be a promotion for you, hopefully, but even if that doesn’t come, it doesn’t in any way take away your records which you’ve built for yourself and it might be instrumental in landing you your next –and better- job.

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