Setting up a business is a smart person’s best move. Aside the network and the people it brings into your life, it also makes you smile to the bank.

Have you ever wondered who the world’s wealthiest people are? Think for a second… They are business people! I’m sure you can’t beat that. Yes, no one can.

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The only way people legally amass wealth is by having a business that thrives. You can as well amass wealth if you know what they know. And yes, if you do what they do, too. After all, successful business owners are ordinary people with business common sense anyone can develop.

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The internet has made it easy for people to learn lifelong secrets, principles and strategies on how to successfully run businesses. Online/off-line courses, seminars, trainings, and books have done well in equipping business owners.

However, with the knowledge and materials available for entrepreneurs’ digest, there are things I’m sure most people are still not knowledgeable about.I believe it’s the reason most business owners fail in business.

Let me walk you through some of them:

#1. Starting or having a business does NOT mean that people will buy from you. Strange, but true!

This is usually a big shock for entrepreneurs. The business school idea is that you’d sell, once you have good products and services. But shockingly, good things don’t always have people to buy them [especially from young business owners]. Unless you’ve made a big name like Dangote.

Even after the market survey and business plans, most entrepreneurs still don’t get to sell their products and services well.

The products might be mind-blowing! The packaging, breathtaking! The quality might be premium and the delivery, excellent! Yet people don’t buy the way they should.

One thing could be responsible for this – you’re not reaching your core customers, which could mean that your sales funnel is faulty.

Your products might NOT be suitable for everybody and it will hurt you badly if you don’t realise this on time. Showcasing your business in any way to the wrong people won’t make you smile.

How would you determine your core customers? How would you find them? How would you get their attention? And how would you make them buy from you?

Well, there’s no simple answer to those questions. And if they’d be answered correctly, then you need…

A brand audit! A thorough analysis of your brand with a systematic mapping of your core customers, which also delivers your brand’s direct magnetic pitch that gets your customers on standby, and a flawless sales funnel that makes you smile to the bank!

A full brand audit could cost you about N250k. But as an active visitor on our website, our experts can work with your budget. And with our 100% money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to fear. Let’s know if you need anything.

#2. People don’t buy your products and services, they buy you.

The first lesson I learned in business school was, “You’re your brand’s first PRO” and that was absolutely right! You are your products and your products represent you.

I started a business before I went to business school and the business died in a short while. Not because the product was bad, but because I could NOT connect with my core customers. I could NOT take them to the point where they’d hand their money out without having a second thought.

Here’s the big deal; the first thing to sell is yourself. Once people accept you, they’d accept what you sell.

The mistake most entrepreneurs make is to play as ghosts and project their services. But the truth is that customers don’t deal with faceless people.

The key here is to get active with your customers. Go beyond business; show them love and care. Offer them useful tips. Give them helpful links. Offer free services. Show appreciation and be emphatic. Be warm, be patient and be polite.

Look, once you win your customers, they’d forever be yours. Once you make them trust you, they’d give you their money without asking questions.

Our Pro-Customer Lift and Service Training is super effective in establishing an ideal process [for your business] that converts prospects to leads to customers to repeated buyers. Our experts will hold you by the hand and teach you in a walking-talking relationship, how to sell your products by mare relating with your customers in certain formulated and mind-blowing ways.

They will share the exact model top sales persons use and you’re going to see how clueless you’ve been about customer relations and sales funnel. Let’s know what your budget is and we are going to take it up from there.

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#3. People are really not looking for products, they simply want solution.

Here’s the problem with young entrepreneurs; they project their products so much that little or nothing is heard of the solution they offer.

If I need a relationship book for instance, what I really need is how to turbo charge my relationship and infuse it with love and passion. Or how I’d become a better husband to my wife and a great dad to my kids.

What if you have a great book with awesome design but you poorly project the content?

What if you only tell me about a dress but you don’t tell me how great, classy and respectable I’d look on it? I like to know a dress suits my class and satisfies my taste!

I like to feel I belong to a top societal class. That’s the reason I hand pick my ‘designers wears.’ It is also the reason I pay heavily for apple products. And it’s the same reason I take Eva water, rather than just buying the sachet water by the road side. I like to make statements with my looks without a word. So, what I buy is on a big time regulated by the feeling it gives me.

Here’s the secret; people buy things based on how they feel. Once you’re able to create the right solution-induced feeling, they’d buy.

If you ever bought something and regretted buying it later, then you’d understand that selling is all about creating the right emotions in your customers.

Our Super Sales Magnet comes in handy. Don’t doubt it when I say our sales experts will teach you everything you need to know in order to sell anything! Yes, anything!

They will teach you what to say and how exactly to say it [powerful words with magical results]. They also will teach you how to write compelling reviews about your products and services.

Let us know if you need anything.

#4. People don’t care about you or what you do, they care about themselves. Hence, how they’d benefit from what you do.

I’ve been to conferences where I met great guys with intimidating CVs. Some were asked to, in ten minutes introduce themselves to prospective customers and they blew up their chance.

They were more concerned about projecting their CVs and accomplishments. They talked on and on about the great places they’ve been to, and the mighty organisations they’ve worked with. At the end of the day, they were seen as mini gods but they left with no client. Too bad!

An experienced entrepreneur understands that what people really want to know is how your products and services would change their lives – how it would give them better health or how it will help them make more money. They don’t care about where you got your training! How does that improve their lives in the first place?

You’re covered with our Brand Expression Matrix. Taking the course will teach you in a systematic way, how to sell your brand in less than ten minutes! Yes, ten minutes! Our brand experts will do justice to that.

You can make more money if you do a little investment in your business. You can succeed where others fail.

If you need more money, then you need a business. And if your business is important to you, then you should take a bold step and get the knowledge that will drive in the money.

Get trained! Get inspired! Become unstoppable!

I hope it helps.

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