It is human nature to hoard certain things that we consider valuable; it is also human nature to desire more. However, there are certain things in life which don’t quite fit logic. There are things which if you want more of, you first have to give it away or share it. Love and power will fall in this category. Knowledge is also one such concept. The more of it you give away the more of it you have. It is rather counterintuitive but even you can prove for yourself that this is the reality.
Today, we focus on knowledge. I am sure you don’t want to be stuck on the little knowledge that you have, no matter how much you think you know, you surely want to be better and you want to know more. Then you should give of what you now have. Teach others what you know and do it free. And below are more reasons why you should be generous with your knowledge:
1. Because you learnt it, someone revealed it to you. Freely given, freely give. Ok, I know you paid quite a sum for that knowledge or it cost you so much more in time, pain and sweat to acquire it, so why should you now give it away for free? Well, the answer is in the next point.
2. Because it keeps you fresh and in touch: We live in days where knowledge gets outdated real fast, the knowledge you are holding on to might be getting obsolete. So if you don’t use it to bless lives, it losses values once its time is gone. But if you share it, you get a lot of goodwill that accrues to you. And goodwill sometimes is worth much more than money.
3. Because it gives you much more in return: When you give, people are mandated to give their own knowledge to you. When you share knowledge with others, they catch it from their own perspective and when you both share perspective, it becomes a richer experience for you and as such you are better for it and more knowledgeable as a result. You cannot force people to share what they know with you, but when you share what you know with them, you create trust and openness and as such they are able to reciprocate in kind, creating a win-win situation.
4. Because it positions you a leader: when the knowledge you share with others make them better, they feel indebted to you. When they are inspired by you, they consider you a leader of sorts. They find you worthy to be consulted on issues and will gladly recommend you in future for well paid jobs. There is the fear that teaching others what you know might throw up competition but the truth is that this works in your favor, and that is explained in the next point. 
5. Because it makes you a better person: When you share what you consider secret with other people, there is a temptation to feel powerless and vulnerable because your supposed ‘secret’ was your edge and advantage over others and now that you’ve let it out you don’t have that leverage anymore. But that feeling is good for you because it forces you to go for more knowledge at a deeper and higher level than you have been previously on. This however still keeps you in the fore. Because you don’t want to be drowned in competition especially by people you taught so what does that do to you, pushes you to learn more, know more and to be your best. Don’t forget the giver is always the master.
Actually I don’t mean you can’t charge a bit. It’s better to charge for it than to horde knowledge. However, this is a paradigm you might want to consider if you want a quantum leap from the level you are currently playing in. You can try it and thank me later
Let’s hear from you: how do you feel every time you share your knowledge with other people? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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