As you grow through life, one sign that you have really come of age is in the realization that everyone is on a race seemingly heading for a place called there. I speak of human immense appetite for ambition. Ambition is one of the few common denominator of all humanity; we all want to have more, be more, do more and know more. And even as babies, we all exhibited this unique trait because it is innate in man.

This quality called ambition is the singular intrinsic drive that have fuelled all human achievements and it is the force that keeps pushing us to the edges of development and our human potentials to explore the worlds out there as well as the worlds within, it is responsible for our conquest of outer space, our understanding of human biology, the sheer immenseness lies behind the human skull and all else that there is.

Here are some facts you should know about our innate thirst for ambition and how it drives our quest for achievement.

#1. Nobody started out at the end. Anyone who is not aspiring to anything is actually dead and just waiting to be buried. We are all on the path and quest to the possibilities that exist beyond what and where we are and have right now. We all want more than what we have and where we are. The man without ambition is a man devoid of the value of existence. He is better off dead than alive.

#2. Our starting time and starting point are all different: We all start out somewhere, some start out in life with advantages whiles other start with none, and some are born princes others as paupers. However, the important thing is that we all start out somewhere, somehow, at some point.

The important thing is to have the privilege of partaking, irrespective of where you start out in the race. Life is the greatest gift you have; being born is the greatest thing that ever happens to anyone. You may want to read that again.

#3. Starting out with little or no advantages however doesn’t mean you cannot reach your place called there. Where you started out and what you started out with will greatly affect how and when you’d reach your destination, but doesn’t in any way compromise or diminish our ability to reach and get there. Your speed is determined in part by your pedigree, but more by your focus and determination in spite of the odds.

#4. You must know how to navigate your way. Between starting out and getting there is where the action lies. Your navigational skill through life is of great importance. A major component of your navigational toolset is your relational and people skills. In life, relational skills have proved to be of more importance than IQ and academic intelligence.

, , and l are way too important to your ability to arrive and max your ambition and dreams in life.

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#5. You never quite arrive. Yes we are all reaching for the heights but the unique fact is that we never quite get there. The journey of human ambition is a never ending journey; you only arrive in the sense that you die and your legacy remains behind you to be spoken of.  See it as the North Star that guides you till you get there, but you don’t quite reach the North Star itself.

The one who has arrived is dead on arrival. We never quite arrive, we keep reaching for. The achievement of one ambition only fuels our quest for more. As it is said, success calls for more success. You keep reaching for something more as long as you are alive.

#6. The bigger you are reaching and dreaming for, the bigger the battles, the bigger the reward, and the bigger you become in the end. He who will make a billion dollars will dream far bigger dreams than one who is only reaching to achieve a million dollars.

If you must make a billion dollars, then, you must have billion dollars ideas, take billion dollar risks, exert billion dollar worth of effort to pay the price or you don’t get to even smell it. And don’t forget, that the journey is as important as the destination: Who we become in the process of reaching for and achieving our ambitious is the real big deal.

What more can I say, sure, there is more to be said, but then, this is a good place to pause and chew on what’s said so far. Keep pushing, keep striving, and keep hungry.

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