I was at a company on a special assignment few days back. On getting there with my team, an old man rushed towards us and said, “Yes? Yes? What’s the problem? How may I help you?” He inquired. He must be around 50 or 60 years of age. After a few words with him, he happened to be the company’s night guard. “This man should be resting at home” I said to myself.

Most people become very broke at the age of 70. And a lot of men at that age become either security guards or drivers. Many people die around that age, not only because of bad health, but also because they are broke.

Poverty is worse than diseases. I’m sure it kills faster.

This post can help you secure your future if you read further.

Why Are Few People Rich?

In my search for answers, I discovered the seven things rich people do that make them rich and what some persons do that make them poor. This knowledge changed my life.

Let’s travel around the points:

#1. Rich people are givers.

Contrary to what we were told that rich people are stingy, they actually are not. But they don’t give ANYHOW because what they have is not for everybody. Rich people do give to the poor and needy. They support the orphans, widows and generally, the less privileged. You however should understand they have certain budgeted amount for charity and by no means will they exceed their budget.

Rich people are disciplined spenders. And you will have to wait a long time if you’re not in their budget. I guess it’s the reason we term them “STINGY”.

You must learn from them if you want to be rich. You must learn to give, but most importantly, give on budget.

Why is it important to live on budget?

It’s important because you must spend less than you earn if you must be rich. And there’s no way you’d achieve that if you don’t plan your expenses. It’s important to understand that you can’t meet everyone’s need. You can’t give to everybody who make request and you can’t say yes to everything. People will always have challenges and they won’t hesitate to make demands.

Giving every time and to every cause without planning [spending all you earn] is an act with predictable end – poverty.

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Rich people use their money to make more money. They simply do business – they buy and sell. And they pay for knowledge when needed. They look for opportunities and are not afraid of taking risks.

The profit they say is in the risk.

Poor people on the other hand spend all they earn. They buy unnecessary gadgets and items. They even become indebted to others.

Poor people don’t do business, and when they do, they ‘eat up’ the business. They live on the business and the business dies in no time. 

Poor people don’t take risks. They prefer their comfort zone because they fear they would lose what they have.  And you know; you don’t only become poor by doing the wrong thing, you also become poor by doing nothing.

#3. RICH PEOPLE SAVE Their Money

Well, rich people save their money. In fact, they save and then live on what’s left [poor people do the exact opposite]. So, when rich people say: ‘I don’t have money to give to you’ they might not be lying. And it doesn’t make them stingy.

What if you commit yourself to N10k , N20k or N50k monthly ‘reserves’ for the next 5, 10, 20 or 30 years?

What if you start saving for your child’s education even before you get married? It goes for everything in your life.

Rich people save for the ‘tough’ moments of life. They live with the end in mind. They make financial plans.


Rich people understand they are limit resource. So, they don’t try to do, get or become everything. They focus on their strengths and empower their selling points.  They attend to what’s urgent ONLY. They know some things look urgent but are really NOT important. They give their time to important things.

Rich people know how to say ‘NO’ to things that are not in alignment with their dreams and plans. They sieve out distractions.

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They don’t engage in unproductive activities and are not friends with time wasters. Time is money, rich people say.

Most rich people work with ToDo list. They have their days planned out the night before. And they know exactly what they want to achieve.

Rich people are termed ‘proud’ sometimes because they have learnt to say ‘NO’ to certain requests, invitation, gatherings and conversations. They are serious minded people.

#5. RICH PEOPLE NETWORK With Other Rich People.

The rich make friends with the rich and that’s the reason they remain rich.

I used to think that rich people snob, but, no, they don’t. However, they don’t have much time for people who don’t have meaningful things to contribute to their life.

Rich people are quite selective when it comes to choosing who their friends are. They mind what they hear, they mind the company they keep and they mind the conversations they engage in.

You can define your life by the people you associate with. If your friends are generally poor, well, you might end up being like them. After all, iron they say sharpens iron. An iron becomes useless if there’s no iron to sharpen it. 

Who are your friends? Changing your friends can change your life a great deal. Think about it.


I once worked with a billionaire. He had six businesses [wealthy people obviously are business people], and they all flourished. His friends were other billionaires and every meeting he attended was on how he would make more money. He keeps only smart and intelligent people who share meaningful ideas with him.

His usual question was: What else can we do? And once we establish the need for anything, ‘Go do it right away,’ he would say.

You see, rich people live deliberately. They crave for ideas and are quick to taking action.

What do you discuss with your friends?

#7. RICH PEOPLE HARNESS People And Resources.

One thing is sure about rich people; they know how to connect people and resources – they know how to legally use other people to achieve their dreams.

Everybody is willing to give you what you need once you’re ready to give them what they crave for. Most people need money – what do you need and what do you have to offer in exchange for what you need?

Rich people pay for ideas and services that provide them with more money. That explains why they stay rich – they are producers, not consumers. And if they pay N10, be sure they are making N100.

Let’s put it together:

Let’s say you earn N50/month:

You should give N10 to help the poor

You should save N10

You should invest N10

And you should live on N20.

Look for smart and serious minded people and be friends with them. Start a business and maximize your time for productive ventures. You’d be rich in no time.

I hope you find it helpful?

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