This is the second month of the year 2020 – hopes are high, spirits are raised and somehow, we believe the New Year came bearing gifts. While this feeling may lead us on, the experienced know the New Year doesn’t give free gifts.

7 Lessons You Should Never Forget

  1. The New Year Isn’t Entirely New.

I mean, it’s not an independent entity, rather, an extension of the preceding years. Look at this: 01/01/20 was the first day of the New Year. That’s not the beginning of time, but a time in-between time.  In the continuum of the seasons, the New Year is a continuation of numbers.

Now, you see, the New Year will be like any other day, week or month. The sun will shine and the night will fall. There would be no unusual occurrence. The only difference is in numbers which reflect dates.

Lesson 1: You can start something new from your old life. And you don’t need a magical touch. What you need is to make little, consistent and noticeable changes in your life.

And that comes with a price, because…

  1. The New Year Doesn’t Give Free Gifts.

I’ve heard people say things like “I know the New Year will bring me wealth and fortune” or something like “I know life will get better for me in the New Year”.

Some people think the New Year will somehow give free gifts, but that’s not going to happen.

The truth is, every single day is blessed with opportunities, and these opportunities are wrapped up in challenges. Therefore, the chances are always there to either give excuses and fail or beat the odds and succeed. Whether January 1st or December 31st, these factors are there and are not bringing down their standards or terms of merit.

Lesson 2: Success still has requirements, and these will not change in 2020. There still won’t be free lunch in Freetown. In fact, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” a maxim says. Everything comes with a price.

You should get ready because…

  1. Feelings Don’t Become Things.

 Right now, a lot of people are charged with different thoughts, and these thoughts, usually, will spark up feelings of gratitude, hope, and excitement.  The twist in that, however, is that it makes some people lazy.

Desires don’t become things. Gratitude, hope, and expectation, in isolation, won’t bring you results. Inaction is the barrier that separates you from your goal. Anything you see around you was made by someone who didn’t stop at wishing, feeling or desiring.

We should end a year grateful and start the New Year hopeful, however, these things won’t give us what we need, land us where we want to be or make our dream a reality.

If you don’t plan properly, if you don’t map out what exactly you want to achieve, if you don’t make better decisions and take bold steps, if you don’t take action and work smart, if you don’t move out of your comfort zone and face your fears, you may end 2020 the way you ended 2019, and you don’t want that to happen.

Lesson 3: If you want anything, go for it! You should have learned that things don’t happen because we want them to happen, rather, they happen because we make them happen. Your plans must be backed up by action!

This is exactly the point I’m trying to make…

  1. Maximizing The New Year Requires You Do Something New.

Nature has a way of telling us how to get its best or how to get the best from life.

The New Year says:

  1. I’m starting all over again! 1st of January begins another year. 24 hours will still make a day and seven days still will make a week.

Nature says it’s okay to start over.

2. I’m going to do everything I’ve always done that brings me results without fail. There will be day and night. There will be summer and winter.

Nature says success model can be repeated.

3. I’m introducing something new. It’s okay to say I’d do what I’ve always done in a new way. 20 is the New Year. It’s the only thing that changed as we move from 2019 to 2020.

Did you see that?

Nature says difference sells.

Lesson 4: In order to attain a new height, you have to:

  • Aim higher than the usual.
  • Break your past records.
  • Do something new.

What are you introducing to 2020? What will you do differently?

You should see it this way…

  1. Little Is Magical.

The idea of time management and goal setting is hard work for a lot of people. The big deal, actually, is the discipline that comes with it. That’s the reason a lot of people abandon their goal-setting plans a few weeks into the New Year.

2020 spans between January 1st and December 31st, that’s 12 full months. It will be frustrating if, after January 1st, the next thing is to wait for December 31st. But usually, we don’t even realize it until December taps us and says, hey, I’m here!

The reason is that the year has 365/366 days, 52 weeks and 12 months. Let’s say that is the big, long-term goal.

In order to arrive at that long-term goal, it makes use of the little, easily achievable seconds, minutes and hours. These help the short-term goal of days, weeks and months achievable.

Lesson 5:  Whatever it is you’re introducing to 2020, whatever it is you want to achieve, you should break it into little, easily achievable form. If you can’t make it progressive at the start, make it consistent.

For example, if you devote just an hour, daily, to read a book or learn about something of interest, in 24 days, it will mean that you’ve spent a whole day on that undertaking! That’s how every dream is achieved.

Don’t make a mistake, you need to…

  1. Mark Your Progress.

Life sometimes can be a slippery slope. It’s easy to slip into the worries and cares of life and very much lose track of our goals. You know how many times you’ve abandoned your goal-setting process, either because you didn’t have the right motivation to drive you on, you lost track of your progress or you simply got distracted.

The year evolves progressively from seconds to minutes, to hours, to days, to weeks, to months, and then the year.

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Choose what pattern suits you best and evolve in that progression. You can mark your progress and tick your scorecards at the end of every week or month. You’d analyze your strength, weakness, motivation, and distraction. Then you’d work it out.

Lesson 6: Make sure every day adds something significant to your life. Don’t worry about speed at the beginning, just focus on mastering your art. The time to increase your speed is when your accuracy is top-notch.

You must never forget that…

  1. Life Is In Cycle.

Every time we mention the New Year, we simply are saying the same thing we’ve always said – January to December and everything in between. Everything that is, once was, and everything that will be, once has been.

The Bible puts it this way – that which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun.

Pay attention to everything around you. If you truly do, then you will understand that nothing is actually new under the sun. The way to the top is the same, it has always been and will always be, so is the path to failure and poverty.

It may not play out the same exact way, but the things that happened in 2019 are also going to happen in 2020. Opportunities will always be there, but they still won’t come to you if you don’t go to them. Jobs will still not go round for everybody. Essential commodities will still not be free. People will still misunderstand you at some point. Someone will still get caught cheating.

You can choose, however, to study why some people are happy, why some people are rich and why some people are successful. When you do, it’s okay to copy what they do. And if you do what they do, you can be where they are.

Lesson 7: History does repeat itself.

Your job is to learn from the past; learn what’s working for others and make it your vantage point in 2020. The keys to success are always the same, what you need is to get them duplicated.

I wish you a fantastic 2020!

Speak Your Mind: How well are you prepared for 2020? How do you plan to achieve your dream/goal? Let’s learn from you, too. Use the comment box below.

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