What did you do with 12 months? It’s amazing how time flies!

So, after everything…

The hustling

The anxieties

The plans

The wishes

The love shared

The pain and the gain

The loss of loved ones

The surprises

The disappointments

The jilts

The breakups

The makeups

The achievements

The sweet and pleasant moments

The unpleasant memories, etc.

This is how to end the YEAR… It’s something great and successful people do. It’s something you should do, too. It helps a lot.

Here is what you should do – take a moment, alone, without distractions, without the thought of other things.

Yes, just a moment and…

Flash back

NOT to cry, not to regret. Just reflect on the YEAR’S activities…

How God saved you

How He blessed you

How He kept you

Then be grateful for it. Make sure you thank HIM. He truly deserves it.

Then take a STEP further.

Reflect on your…



Set goals


Then ask yourself…

Is this the BEST I can be?

Is this all I can achieve?

Is this where I should be?

NOW let me ask you…

What happened to the year’s resolutions?

What happened to your goals?

What happened to your vision?

What happened to your plans?

Did you meet your targets?

Did you achieve your dream?

And your goals, what happened to them?

I CONGRATULATE you if you’re satisfied with your status quo. You’re really GREAT! You’re just outstanding!

But if you didn’t meet ALL your targets or reach ALL your goals, just like me, then…

Ask yourself ONE question

WHY DIDN’T I ACHIEVE MY GOALS? (Financial challenge, fear, inconsistency, procrastination, etc.) Figure it out.

If your reason for NOT achieving your dream is genuine and you’re comfortable, you might NOT go far. It’s the truth. There can be no acceptable reason for failing. Excuses don’t give birth to success.

We all have excuses, we have reasons why we cannot do certain things, we all have challenges, and we have limitations…


Some of us have decided to IGNORE our limitations.

But not to worry, you have another chance to prove your worth, you have another chance to redeem your image. You have another chance to make things right. You can start all over if you choose to. That’s the reason for 2020 – to make things right.

Then do these…

1. Think about the year ahead

2. Think about what you want to achieve

3. Write down your goals

4. Write your action plans

5. Be expectant, GET READY!

Nobody succeeds without goals. And effective goals MUST be on paper. Write them down so you can run with them.

Great people deliberately succeed. They set goals, and they follow them through. Every move they make leads to the achievement of their dreams.

And as we wait for a glorious 2020, I wish you the best life has got to offer.

Stay excited

Stay motivated

Live your dream

Have a great 2020

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