Before You Fire Your Boss: 3 Things To Consider

Over time the idea of ‘firing your boss’ has really caught on with the larger populace, and you will readily find many authors using the phrase in their title in a bid to make it sell. The ideology behind the term is to quit your employed job and start out on your own.

However, on some occasions it has taken a rather dramatic turn as some gullible fellow actually go out to shout down their bosses on their way out of employment. While fire your boss might sound ‘sexy’ I think it is important to ponder the facts and take a closer look at the reality of firing your boss. So before you decide to pull the trigger on your boss, please think through the following facts.

Consider The Consequences: Firing your boss is not quit as sweet as it sounds. Turning in your resignation or actually walking out the door takes just a few minute however it leaves behind a lingering long term consequence that might be not be exactly pleasant. Remember that after you’ve fired your boss, you are the one who is left jobless and cashless thereafter, not your boss.

So after you’ve had your ego smothered with the rush from ‘firing your boss’ the real job starts. How you build your business and earn an income, how you market your product and/or service, how you bring in the money, how you meet payroll at month’s end, and other such things your boss used to worry about now become your concern to keep you awake at night and restless all day. Are you sure you can handle the heat? Please start with the end in mind.

Be Sure To Make Sure: You need to know what you are getting yourself into when you quit your job. Don’t let a momentary feeling of inadequacy on the job or maltreatment by a boss push you into making a permanent decision with daring consequences. Be sure that you are capable. Take it from me, if you do not have what it takes to be self employed, then being employed is far better.

Having a human boss is far better than having your business as your boss. Most self employed people leave their employed jobs to build their companies but often times at too great a cost. When your business affects other aspects of your life such as your family and health negatively, it might be too costly a business even if it makes you millions.

There are people who make monies they can’t spend or enjoy because the business has woven itself entirely around their lives; their business becomes their boss, and it makes such a terrible and unforgiving boss. These are the grim realities behind the ‘fire your boss thing’ that you may not be aware of.

So until you learn how to build a business into a system that can do what you desire to do, better and more efficiently than you can do by yourself, and that does not necessarily require your physical presence all the time, I advise that you keep your job and love your boss.

To be sure, I am not saying there is anything wrong with starting out on your own. What I mean is that you should be sure it is right for you before you jump at it. Even if you have to leave your job to start yours, I want to advise you don’t fire your boss. Leave honorably and maintain good rapport with the company, your boss and colleagues. You just might need them in a different context somewhere down the line. They might even become your client. So don’t slam the door behind you, close it gently.

Plan Your Exit: Don’t get too emotional from reading a book or listening to an audio tape such that you quit your job by next morning. It is always better to build a parachute and test it well ahead before jumping off the plane in mid-air. Put your house in order before you quit, don’t make your family pay dearly for the consequences of your ambitions. If you can lay the foundation of the business and put everything needed to make it work successfully in place before you call it quits with your present employer.

Bottom line is this: the desire to start out on your own is a good one and it is important especially as it could be a vehicle for self-expression, however, the motivation, the process and procedure are issues not to be joked with as it can make or mar the idea.

Leave a comment below: What do you think about the idea of ‘firing your boss?’ Do you think it’s something everyone should do? Share your thoughts below…

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