The video above shows a great deal our attitude toward other people.

One fundamental trait I’ve seen in every person I know is their biased nature. I don’t mean they are really biased, like in a very negative way. I just mean they trust what they know and believe what they see. And you know; what we know and see could in a great deal be limited by where are or the direction we face.

Therefore, they think every other person who is not seeing things their way is wrong. This might sound simple, but it’s not simplistic.

This has been the reason marriages fail, the reason friends path ways, the reason people get into fights and actually, the reason for all the negative things in the world.

Let me share something that happened to me some time ago

I left the office not feeling too cool. The reason was that I had so much to deal with. I mean, so really much was on my table. It was way bigger than I could chew. So, I kept to myself while I try to figure out ways to meet my deadlines.

I am one of the go-to guys at the office, so, everybody was wondering why I suddenly grew cold. My buddies were worried, too.

After the close of work, I went home with a lady who dropped half way to my house. Two days later, someone hinted me the lady was angry with me/felt offended, alleging that I gave her some funny attitudes on our way home together [because I didn’t make jokes as usual].

I didn’t give it much thought, though, but it got to me. Somehow, I began to ignore her and my communication with her dropped.

I felt she judge me wrongly. I felt she should have asked what was wrong with me. I felt she had no reason to get angry just because I didn’t make jokes like I always do. And I felt I owe her no apology. So, it lingered… two more days.

I knew it had effects on her as much as it had on me. Because she was someone I roll with. And we are fond of each other.

Eventually, I called her and apologized. And we discussed it.

Obviously, she was right. I gave her attitude. She wasn’t in my head to know what was wrong with me. So, she interpreted my action based on her knowledge.

Now, empathy is The Ability To Understand And Share The Feelings Of Another.

It is the ability to put other people in our shoes and treat them just the way we would expect anyone to treat us. Empathy is reaching out to others, first, and make things right.

When we put ourselves in another person’s shoes, we are often more sensitive to what that person is experiencing and are less likely to tease, judge or bully them.

The world could be white to you. It might not be white to the other person. Things might seem right to you, the other person might not be cool with them. Some things could be dumb to you; it, however, could make perfect sense to someone else.

We all, therefore, should live with the consciousness and understanding that there is more than a side to everything. We must take out time to understand other people.  And as much as possible, we must try to see the world through other people’s eyes.

Don’t be quick to judge.

Don’t be quick to disagree

Don’t be quick to force your view on others.

Don’t be quick to think others are wrong.

Being empathic will make you a people person. Don’t you like that?

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