1. Smart user or smart mind: A smart phone is of no use if the user is not smart. More important than a smart phone is a smart mind, because without a smart user, a smart phone is of little value. The phone is just a tool and what you get out of it is dependent on your input into it. That is why a smart mind is the most important factor here. Remember the popular maxim: garbage in garbage out. Yes it still holds true. Don’t use your smart phone to do stupid stuff.
2. Smart network: If you live in Nigeria, (which I assume is the case) then you know this too well from experience already so I don’t need to belabor the point. A smart phone presupposes that it is internet ready. A smart phone isn’t exactly smart without internet connection and a good one at that. Nigerian Telecom service providers have denied us the full experience of smartness of the smart phone safe you reside in certain cities. 
3. Smart content or smart use for your smart phone: I’m taking about the applications on your phone. Apps as we call them are the real magic to smart phones. There are apps that can literally change your life, improve your business and other parts of your life including your sex life. (Yes O! Durex now has an app that makes your sexual life exciting. Please note that it’s for the married ones only and please don’t ask me for any further details). The extent to which your smart phone is really smart lies in the quality of apps you have on it. There are certain apps recommend as basic for everyone which I have personally found there very useful:
Ever note: this app helps you do away with paper. You can jot (type) down your thought and be sure it is forever safe as it allow you back up in the cloud. Your ever note account can be accessed anywhere in the world and on any device once you download it and enter your password details. So losing your phone doesn’t mean you’ve lost all your great and creative ideas. Isn’t that nice?
Quick office: if you don’t read on your phone then what on earth do you do with it? One of the biggest ways your smart phone adds value to you is that it makes reading easy on the go. With this app you can read word documents as well as PDF files, you can also create and read Slides and even Excel documents.
TubeMate: allows you to stream and download videos from every available online video platform from YouTube to Vimeo. My learning grew by a quantum, thanks to this app.
Here is the sweetest part of it all: You can commission a developer to build you an app to meet any particular need you want to fill using your smart phone. The smart phone is gradually rendering laptops obsolete; it is now the mobile laptop [palmtop actually] that allows us work on the go. 
4. Smart habits: If you got a smart phone you’ve got to be smart about it. A smart phone and stupid habits are grossly incompatible because your smart phone is soon damaged by poor phone habits. Here are a few advices on how to handle your smart phone properly: Don’t take it with you to bed. If you sleep with your smart phone you might wake up with something stupid; Turn off your data when going to bed; Don’t take calls when your phone is plugged to a power outlet [you risk possible electric shock if you do]; Don’t take it with you to the loo or bathroom. Trust me, I speak from hard earned experience.
5. Smart battery: Smart phones are almost always online. And that depletes battery charge real fast. Unfortunately most smart phones don’t have smart batteries. The rate at which batteries malfunction one could say smart batteries are the next frontiers for phone manufacturers to explore. While we await the breakthrough technology in smart batteries you could be smart about your batteries by always having a backup plan: keep an extra battery fully charged close by at all times.
With these smart ideas taken into consideration, you are sure to enjoy your smart phone in a smart manner.

Question: In what other ways do you think that the smart phones can improve the quality of our lives? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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