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I meet people daily who speak impressively; they move around with great tags of professional credentials. They take excessive delight in their CVs but are struggling to survive financially.

Not minding your qualifications, do you think you’re living your financial dream? Are you making as much money as you’d love to make?

I ask these questions often, both in my seminars and private coaching sessions. And the usual response is ‘No!’

Then I’d ask why? And different people would give different reasons. But all excuses.

Here’s the truth: No excuse will ever be good enough to stop you from making more money and living your dream. Read that again.

Do You Know?

Most people are dead broke at 70. And you probably are supporting someone who has retired from active service right now. Some of these people made a lot of money some years ago, maybe like you’re making right now.

Do you know you could be broke at that age, too? Yes, it’s very much possible. In fact, you will be broke, too, if you toe their path. You must, therefore, learn from their mistakes and build your preferred future.

Let’s Do A Little Analysis:

Most graduates are usually from the age range of 22-25 or even older. If you get a good job before you’re 30, then you’re blessed! If you work for the government, you’re allowed to work only for 35 years or you retire at the age of 60, whichever comes first.

If you work for a private company, well, you could be fired at any time. And even the government, at times carries out downsizing.

If you’re knocked out of your job now or you become incapacitated, what will you fall back at?

Think about it for two seconds.

Now Let’s Write:

Deduct your present age from 70. What do you have?

How much do you earn/make monthly [real salary]?

How much do you think you must earn monthly [ideal salary] if you must have enough to save and still meet your basic needs?

Deduct your real salary from your ideal salary, what do you have?

What does that figure mean to you? Simply, that’s the extra money you need to start making.

I wrote a fine piece on some months ago, you should . See it :

Tip: You need an alternative source or sources of income. Preferably, a residual source of income (also called passive or recurring income) is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended.

Let’s Get Serious:

In 2012, of the 13,000 applications received by the Dangote Group for the Graduate Executive Truck Driver, there were 6 Ph.D., 704 Masters and over 8,460 Bachelor degree holders.

Does that mean anything to you?

Let Me Ask You:

Do you know anyone by the name James Iroha? He’s late now.

He was also known as Giringori Akabogu! That should strike a chord.

In 1966, he graduated from the University of Ibadan.

Giringori gave 40 years of his life to acting.

He was once the Director of Programmes at the Abia State Broadcasting Service.

He was famous for the popular TV programme, “New Masquerade.”

Do you know at 70, he died a pauper?

I must be making a mistake, right? Google it if you doubt me.

He was compelled to make a desperate appeal to Nigerians in a national daily: “I am almost begging for food…I need money to pay my rent, buy my medicine. Now there is nothing between poverty and me. I am just nose-to-nose with poverty.”

This one is strange, too:

Sometime in 2015, there was a viral news captioned: “Battered, Blind, and Broke: Prof Theo Vincent, a former Vice Chancellor now lives in a Lagos slum.”

Prof Theo Vincent was a former Vice Chancellor, University of Port Harcourt and lecturer for 37 years. Somehow, he became very broke and had to cope with things.

It is not news that pensioners are not being paid. So, the future is really dark for those who wait for the future to take care of itself.

Let’s Quickly Get Five Things Right:

1.    Going to school does not mean you will get a job

2.    Being educated does not make you rich

3.    Only your salary cannot take care of you and also take good care of your future.

4.    Having a job/business does not mean you cannot be broke at 70.

5.    The future needs to be well-planned

5 Reasons You Should Be Worried Right Now:

1.  If you’re not working, not in business and you’re not learning a trade [you should be very worried].

2.   If you are working but your salary isn’t meeting your basic needs.

3.  If you are working but not living on a budget. You spend just as the need arises.

4.  If you’re always broke shortly after pay day

5.   If you don’t have plans for your life at 70

Most people, especially men die around that age, shortly after retirement. The reason is not only because they have bad health, but also [mainly] because they are broke. Poverty kills faster than diseases. You are not going to live long if you are not resting well, eating well and living well [happily] at 70.

How To Avoid Being Broke At 70

By all means, you must:

1.    Have a steady source of income, then a residual source of income

2.    Spend less than you earn

3.    Save at least 20 – 30% of your earnings

4.    Make long-term investments [not by leaving your money in the bank].

5.    Go into networking business

It’s okay if you marry early, train your children well in your active years and then rest from hard work.

Four Things You Should Do For Yourself Before You’re 50.

1.    Get a landed property and build on it gradually. If you can’t have houses to let out at 50, you must have your own house to live in, at least.

2.    Start a business and build it gradually [wealthy people are business people, not civil servants]. And the best time to start a business is when you have other sources of income. Otherwise, the business will die.

3.    Clear your debts if you’re indebted

4.    Get a very comfortable car.

8 Easy And Sure Ways To Make More Money

#1. Invest in appreciable stuff like gold and landed properties. Buy when they are insanely cheap and leave them to appreciate. You may buy from people who cannot complete their houses or from those who are in dire need of money. Make legal purchases and you’re cool.

#2. Agricultural business isn’t bad at all. You hardly can run at a loss [though you need knowledge]. Get produces in seasons, store them and sell them off when the demand is very high. Get specific commodities from the states that produce them and then move them to where they are badly needed. Beans, tomatoes, etc. can actually be stored for a very long time.

If you ask me to, I can help you analyse what to sell in your state of residence and how to get them cheap. I can also teach you how to safely store perishable products and sell them off in high demands.

#3. Get ordinary things and add value to them; they become more expensive. People sell frozen chicken, for example, you may decide to sell marinated chicken, straight to the pot for cooking. Do all the hard work and get paid for it. You may decide to grind sugarcane with your garri. That way, you sell garri that has no need of sugar. Instead of selling sachet water, you can sell energy or vitamin water. Just think of something!

I can help you out with ideas if you ask me.

#4. Join a cooperative society and make substantial monthly contributions. This is a good way to save your money. Most cooperative societies allow you to acquire a loan twice your total contribution, with a very low-interest rate [such that you will never get from commercial banks].

For example, if you have saved up to N500,000, you can get a loan of N1 million. For a long-term loan, it will be spaced within the period of two years [it could be more], with interest ranging from 0-10% [depending on your cooperative society]. This loan can be used for a capital project or used to start up a business while you pay back monthly from your salary.

#5. Go into complementary businesses. For example, you sell ice block, you sell frozen chicken, you also sell life chicken and you sell eggs. When your layers and broilers are old enough, you kill them and leave them frozen [you’re not desperate to sell them]. You use the wastes from the poultry [instead of selling them] as organic manure to boost your farm produce. And some of the wastes from your farm could be used to feed your goats while you make your chicken feeds from your farm produce. That way, you make more money and generate little or no waste.

Based on your budget, location, and interest, I can give you ideas on what to do and how to make it thrive. You only need to ask me.

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#6. Join affiliate programmes. This is at no cost to you at all. You only need to locate a buyer for a seller and you get a commission. You have no product or services to sell and no money from you is involved.

You get a link once you register. And you supply the link to the prospective buyers. Clicking on the link will take them to the website of the seller. If they buy anything, you get paid for it.

It also works offline. Talk to hotel managers, car sellers, landlords, and business people generally. Get people to buy from them and they will pay you a commission.

I can hold you by the hand and show you how it works. Ask me to.

#7. Turn your hobby into a money-making venture. I have two main hobbies – speaking and writing. Today, I do them professionally and am being paid for them. What’s your own hobby?

Do you like to sing? Do you enjoy writing like me? Do you love to solve mathematics? You should explore the business part of your hobby. You can do what you love and still make money from it.

Just learn to do it like a pro.

Make it free at first, learn and grow till you master the art. You can experiment on your social media platforms or you simply start a blog like me.

I can give you the exact model I use. Ask for it.

#8. Join a good networking business. Forget the nonsense you have heard about networking business. It works well, trust me. And the benefit is immense. I have joined some networking businesses myself and if you want to know, I am making money from them.

Networking business takes different shapes and forms, and it is meant for serious minded people. If you must know, networking business is the seal that holds the future. It is the actual cure for poverty.

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” – John D. Rockefeller.

When Donald Trump was asked on TV what he was going to do if he was to go bankrupt once again. Without hesitation, he said; “I would find a good networking marketing company and get to work.”

The secret: Learn from those who have what you need. They already know how to get it.

The key is to know which networking business works well and how to get the best of it. I can be your guide if you ask me to. I will take you through a proven step by step process that works. I will show you the ones I joined with proof of how much I’ve made from them. And like me, you too can begin to make extra [residual] money in no time; enough to save and still meet your basic needs.

Beat inaction:

Fear. What if I fail? And I ask; what if you succeed?

Doubt. I am not sure I’m ready now. You never will feel ready.

Procrastination. I can start tomorrow. What if you die tonight? What if you lose your job tomorrow?

Take action right away. Ask me questions if you need clarity. I will be glad to have you smile and happy at 70. 

Should you need to talk to me in private, send an e-mail to or you call me on 08175070406. 292F5066 is my BBM pin.

The night is coming on us all, get ready!

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