Studies have shown that “Connectedness” is the single most important factor that determines happiness and health. This, of course, is the result of healthy relationships. In a restatement, here is what I just said: your life in its entirety is dependent on the people you’re surrounded with, and how well you’re connected to them.    
Finding someone who truly loves and cares about us, someone who would be patient in times of our greatest weakness, who would believe in us and stick to us, against all odds, is the ultimate search of every individual. If there’s one thing I know you deeply desire, its true love. 
It’s however not always easy to come by. We often get stuck; occasionally we get confused because we get hurt, terribly by those who claim to love us. At times, we really don’t understand our lover – their actions speak contrary to their confessions of love. These, on occasion would make us ask questions: is s/he really in love with me? Is s/he falling out of love? What can I do to secure my place in my lover’s life? How am I sure s/he still loves me? Etc.
Ask Yourself Questions
Are you crazy about her? Do you sometimes wonder if she feels the same way about you? As you know, sometimes, it’s really tricky to be certain whether or not she loves you because women are coded beings. Most men don’t know how to read signs and it’s quite easy.  
Here are few signs to look out for:
1. Open Communication: Oh, a woman in love loves to talk, she talks about everything, and there can be no alternative to this. 
She calls often to know how you’re doing, what you are doing, where you are, and who you’re with. “Have you had something to eat? What did you eat?” Are normal questions a lady in love would ask. She always wants to be a part of your life. She doesn’t put you off when you ask about her plans for the day. And when she gets back after the day’s activity, she would tell you everything she faced, plus the guys who asked her out.
Warning: When she stops talking deeply with you [when she no longer enjoys talking with you or when she begins to keep sensitive and important things away from you], be certain that your love is being eroded from her heart. 
2. Family and Friends: Yeah, this is one thing she can’t resist, even the most secretive ladies tend to have a weakness in this aspect. 
a. She talks to you about her friends and family. And most importantly, she will introduce you to a few of her friends. Every lady in love would do it.
b. She make plans to introduce you to her family members [it doesn’t have to be all of them], and when you finally do, you realise they already know so much about you because she has obviously talked about you.
 3. Supportive: This is another overt sign of love. She enjoys being supportive, either by cooking your favourite food, cleaning the dishes, or making your room clean. Alternatively, she might be giving you tips on how to run a smooth business or have a great career. You will notice she really want to be a part of your life.
 She wants you to rely on her, and when you call for support, she will be willing to help [not always giving excuses]. She will be happy to support you in any way she can. It’s easy for a woman in love to support her lover because it gives her pleasure.
 Warning: If she finds it hard to give you support, always [giving excuses], my dear, you might just be dating yourself. It’s impossible for a woman to love and not show kindness.
 4. Touchy: Your girl might be the touchy type [most likely]. I’m not talking about the choking and frustrating kind of “touchyness”, but the warm, snugly sort. She might show her love and affection by holding your hand when you’re together, giving big long hugs, frequent kisses, and putting her arm through yours. That is one way she could best express her feelings towards you
 Mind you, when a woman is out of love, or when she’s upset with you, the last thing she will allow you do is touch her. When a woman frequently touches you, or allows you the room to touch her, she’s in love with you. 
5. Future: A woman in love doesn’t live for the present, she lives for the future. Therefore, she cannot but talk about it. Your future home, business, career, kids, etc. If she’s not discussing the future with you, she might have plans to keep you out of it.
 6. Gifts: I am yet to see a woman who’s truly in love and who does not give gifts. It might be anything little, but she will always make you understand that she’s thinking about you. Women give gifts as a show of love and connection.
 Warning: If she has never given you anything, well, you should be worried.
7. Affirmation: She speaks highly of you, and often of how proud she is about you, [we do that a lot. Ladies, I mean]. She does this privately and publicly, even when you hurt her, she’s careful about what she says about you. She talks about you in ways that would make anyone jealous.
Warning: If her words and actions are mostly intended to ridicule and humiliate you, sometimes publicly, well, you might want to reconsider your option.
8. Precedence: A woman in love would have you as her number one priority. She considers you before taking steps [even on things that appear insignificant]. She seeks your opinion about her dress, hairstyle, shoes, looks, career, etc. She cares about what you think and how you feel. Before taking important steps, she would first ask you, or ask herself if it’s what you’d like. 
 Warning: If she doesn’t seek your opinion on key issues, if she leads an independent life, she might just be playing games.
 9. She’s careful not to hurt or lose you: A woman in love is careful about her words and actions. She wouldn’t break your rules, she wouldn’t hang with all the guys around, she wouldn’t deliberate hurt you. She gets off balance the moment you get hurt, and when she’s angry, she doesn’t give ultimatum or threatens to break up. She fights with the mind-set that you both are going to make up again.
 Warning: When a lady doesn’t give a damn about what you think or feel, hmm.. You’re just wasting your time.
10. She constantly reminds you of her unwavering love [through her words and actions]. “I love you” can be in words or in acts. A woman in love will practically show off her love by some great acts. If you don’t understand those acts, you will be missing greatly.
 To fully understand the acts of great Relationships, I recommend you read this amazing book: “7 Acts of Great Relationships” [The Principle, the Rule, the Law and the Commandment] By Paul Lawal. Download and read it now:
 Let’s hear from you:  You sure know one or two other things ladies do as expressions of their love. Add them to the list. Use the comment box below.

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