Have you noticed how the mind works? Guess you’ve not given it a thought. Do you know you can find solution to any problem if you think well enough? Do you know that once you set your mind to think about anything, it keeps thinking in that direction until you alter it?

Let me ask you: what has been your dominant thought? Have you noticed how easily it pops up? Yes, that’s how the mind works. The mind, like the muscle can be trained. You can train your mind to generate astounding ideas. Let me ask you…

Who Gets Your Attention?

Let me help you. The people you care about are those who care about you. And you give spellbinding attention to those who have valuable things to offer, especially those who offer solution to your problems. In reality, you don’t give a damn about people until you know they care about you [you’re not being selfish, it’s just natural]. The other side of this, however is, people also don’t care about you unless you have stuff to offer.

Except you’re a celebrity, the world don’t give a damn about you. They don’t care about who you are and what you do. They don’t even care if you have anything to say.

The Question Then Is…

How can you become indispensible?

The Answer Is…

Create valuable life-saving services. Help people solve their problems and they’d keep coming to you. That’s the ultimate secret. Nothing else is going to work, trust me. To know exactly what to do, and how to go about creating premium values, touching lives and making impact, you sure need ideas! Great ideas will do the magic. Now, the big question…

Is Idea Really Enough?

You should tell me, is it? We have been scripted to believe ideas rule the world. I have believed that for many years until I placed the statement under the microscope and critically analysed it. It was after my critical analysis I began to doubt it, and until this very moment, I don’t believe ideas rule the world. I will tell you my reason shortly.

I know you have life changing and history making ideas, a lot of them. As much as you have ideas, I also have ideas. We all have ideas. Why are we not ruling the world? Why do our friends and family only know us? Why are we not being paid for the ideas we have?

Now think about it: if you have idea and nobody is paying you for it, you have idea and people don’t give a damn about you, you have idea and you’re not ruling the world, contrary to what you believe, then I challenge you to doubt the fact that ideas rule the world. If ideas rule the world, then you and I should be ruling the world right now because we have great ideas. To rule the world, however…

You Need More Than Just Idea

Having idea, does not give you the key to rule the world, anybody can have idea. I will tell you what does the magic in a moment. If you really want to rule the world, do the following:

#1. Get an idea that solves basic human problems [it’s your key, don’t lose it]. Moreover, to do this is easy. Ask yourself; what are people struggling with? What do they need? What will make their lives better? The answer to those questions is the solution to your problem, no doubt about that.

#2. Act on your idea. There is no alternative to this. If you don’t act on what you know, it will forever remain useless in your mind. Don’t be like those who know what to do and would not do it, they are not better than those who lack knowledge. You won’t be reading this if I didn’t write it.

It might not be easy, it might take so much from you, it’s however the only way to rule the world. Everyone would rule the world if it’s easy, and you don’t want that to happen. All the same, YOU can do it, you can do the HARD work, you can find your way through and take your rightful place at the top. I believe in you, and I know you can.

Now, How Do You Generate Ideas?

Some people prefer to wait for inspiration, if however, you need ideas every now and then, you might not be able to afford the luxury of waiting. As much as I love to be inspired, I also spin myself to generate ideas anytime I need one. And here are my killer strategies:

Step One: Gather Information

#1. Make use of the internet. Almost everything you need is online, if only you know how to find them. Type and search for specific words and see the thousands of options you’d have.

#2. Read about those who have your kind of idea and see how they are doing. Leverage on their experiences, you’d be informed.

#3. Hire your encyclopedic friends. You never can tell who has the answer to your question. You know the fast thinking and well-versed guys, share your thoughts with them and they’d magnify it. That might just be all you need.

Step Two: Engage Your Thinking [very crucial]

#4. Sit down and think, simple! Each time you think, you get ideas. Asking good questions is the key to getting great ideas. Questions like: what are people struggling with? How can I solve their problems? What do I need to get this done? Where can I start? Why do I need to do this? If you ask the right questions, you’d get the right ideas, guaranteed!

Step Three: Pen Down Your Ideas 

#5. Write everything that comes to your mind. This is where the magic is. Sometimes you don’t know what you have in mind until you begin to write. If you don’t know how to do this, I’d help you: get pen and paper, take a seat and write your thoughts. The more you write, the more they flow. And once you stop writing, they stop coming. There is a great connection between the mind and the hands.

Step Four: Sift Your Ideas

#6. Sort your ideas, then filter them. Once you’re done with that, Polish up your ideas, put what you have together and you’d come up with something. That’s all you need to change the world.

Step five: Test your idea

#7. Here’s how to do it: share your idea with great minds [they could be your friends or mentors]. Let them analyse it from different perspectives. Usually when I do this, I get amazed at how some people see things. They often show me things I never imagined about my ideas. Their analysis regularly helps me to modify my ideas.

This is very important because you’re limited to your perspectives. You need to see through the eyes of others. You however do not need those who will discourage you and “kill” your idea. Avoid such people like plague, in your own interest.

Put This To Heart…

You need more than just ideas to rule the world. You need value creating ideas and giant steps are required to launch them. Ideas don’t jump at people; you need to think in order to have them.

Achieving your dream depends on you. It depends on what you’re willing to do and the actions you’re willing to take. If you’re serious about your dream, don’t wait anymore, just go ahead and take action, take the first step – that’s the only thing that works. There are no elevators in the high-rise of destiny; there are only steps to take. Take them and watch your life glow.

Question: Do you have other idea generating strategies? Share them below

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