I have no doubt I can help you get back your ex. I’ve been here for many years – helping people with their relationships. Let me hold your hand and show you how I do it.

The Truth About Break-Ups

Break-ups help lovers analyse their relationships in a deep way, such that they’d make an ultimate choice on whether or not to keep the relationship. And more importantly, it helps lovers adjust their lifestyles and make it fit for the relationship. Most people who reconcile after a break up often put up a better berhaviour.

But, What’s Your Chance?

Well, let’s say 70%! If you follow what I’m going to teach you thoughtfully, your chance could be higher. It’s possible you don’t get your ex back, especially if you’ve not positively affected your ex, that way, he or she would have nothing to miss about you.

The key to getting back your ex after a break up is to make them miss you. There must be something they’d hardly get elsewhere. Trust me, that’s the only reason your ex would want to come back for you.

The secret to having your lover hooked to your side forever is to set a very high standard for them; such that they would hardly be able to cope without you. That’s the reason your lover would be scared of losing you.

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So, Paul, how do I get back my ex?

Ok! I’m going to tell you now.

#1. Learn Your Lesson And Be Willing To Change.

Why did your ex break up with you?

Are you over demanding? Do you have bad attitudes? Do you flirt? Do you have anger problem? Are you impatient? Are you possessive and controlling? Are you clingy and insecure?

Figure it out and learn your lessons well.

Supposing you don’t get your ex back, trust me, you’re still going to get dumped by your next lover if you keep up still with bad attitudes.

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#2. Take A Break.

Whoever made the ‘break up’ move has motives. And you must not push too hard against it. In fact, you should respect the motives.

If your ex ended the relationship and wants you two to reconcile within a week or two, you should disagree.

Take a break!

Now, when you take a break, don’t reach your ex and don’t let your ex reach you. Don’t make contact at all.

Don’t beg, and don’t ask them to take you back.

Just go blank!

For How Long, Paul?

Well, at least, 30 days. It could be more, depending on your unique situation, but don’t make it less!

Why The Break Anyway?

The break is necessary for many reasons. Let me show you a few things.

a. Instinct would push you to reach your ex after a break up and you’d want to do everything possible to have them back [especially in the first few days or weeks of the break up]. But it doesn’t work that way. The memory is still fresh and the negative feelings are still there, and yes, someone’s ego has been bruised.

When people say “It’s over,” their ego comes into play. That’s the reason they’d hardly reverse it. Therefore, pushing hard to have your ex back just after a break up would only push them away from you. Let them have enough time to rest. The negative feelings would gradually get eroded in the process and…

b. They’d start to miss you. Even if you were the one at fault, your ex could still reach out to you if you give them enough time.

I know you have questions:

What if my ex finds another person?

What if my ex starts another relationship?

What if my ex just forgets about me?

Listen up. Even if you see your ex hanging out and appears to be having nice times, there’s still a hollow in his/her heart. And that’s what they are trying to fill up.

If the break up wasn’t your entire fault, and if you were very ‘useful’ to your ex, then you should be at peace.

Here’s one more reason you should take a break:

c. You would decide if you really need the relationship. The break would give you the opportunity to sit up and see things clearly.

What Should I Do During The Break Period, Paul?

Here’s your task; you want your ex to see you in two or three weeks and say, “Wow! Why did I let him/her go?”

If you improve the quality of your life, and if you don’t appear needy, I’m sure you’d again be desired by your ex.

Here, your selling point is more of your external features. It’s the only way you’d send messages to your ex without saying a word.

So, look better than your ex left you – make good hair styles. Buy new clothes. Get your best shape. Make your skin glow. Make new friends. Take more beautiful pictures. Take a new course. Learn a new skill. Get a new job. Just have fun and be happy. And yes, worth more!

Who says your ex doesn’t care?

Here’s one thing you should do:

You should go out on a date or two. Not necessarily to make your ex jealous, but to have a taste of something new. So, have fun!

What Should I Do After The Break Period?

Decide whether or not you need your ex back. Analyse the relationship and see what chance you’ve got with him or her.

Answer this question:

Why do I need my ex back?

I feel lonely

I need my bills paid

I need sex

I’m feeling terrible without my ex.

If any of those was your response, then, you’re still under the post break up influence and you might not be making the right decision.

But if you feel really attached and you know he or she matches you, then you have a good reason to get back to your ex.

One of two things is going to happen:

#1. Your Ex Would Reach You.

When that happens, just be yourself and take it really slow. You guys should meet and discuss.

Ask questions. Discuss your feelings. Talk about your fears. Ask for commitment and give your words too.

If it ends well, congratulations!

#2. You’d Have To Reach Your Ex.

If you play your game well, you’re likely to have your ex back.

Now, listen carefully!

You have to hit your ex right and you must make the hit at the right spot. Your first move must dish out a gush of positive emotions.

#1. Think of your best romantic moment with your ex.

Think of his or her special song or favourite food. Think of something they enjoyed sharing/doing with you.

#2. Reach out to your ex.

Your first contact must not be via a phone call. Sending an SMS is better. And you must do it with style.

Say something like…

I’m listening to your favourite song right away. It reminds me of what you’d do right now if you were here with me.  I miss you messing with me, *wink*.

If your ex replies immediately, take it up from there. And if you don’t get any reply after a few days, send another SMS and demand to see him or her.

If it gets positive, you guys should discuss. You should start by apologising for your wrongs and promise to make things right.

If it goes well, congratulations. And if it goes sour, well, you have to take it the way it is and move on with your life. You’re going to feel bad, but this would help you bounce back to life: . You should read the post immediately.

Let me know what you think.

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