You don’t achieve a goal when there is nothing to propagate the emotional state that initiated the goal getting course.

I’ve spent many years believing that setting goals make one achieve results. That’s what we read in most books, anyway. But it’s all lies! I bet you’ve never questioned it, but then, you’ve also never reached your targets by setting goals!

How did you fare with setting goals and making resolutions last year? The year before, how did it go? It’s crazy, I tell you.

At times I’d write them on a piece of paper and stick it to my door or my mirror. Then I’d make a duplicate copy in a hardcover book, but before you know it, I won’t even remember where the paper or book is.

The feeling was killing! I became frustrated and felt disappointed.

For many years I’d make resolutions, write down my goals but there was always no drive to work them out. So I stopped setting goals. It felt good for a while before I started losing my inner cool. I knew I needed to be more than who I was. I knew something was missing in my life.

Assess Yourself

Most people like me never took a [], as a result, they never knew how bad they are at setting goals. You should do better than me. Take the now.  

If you took the , it will be easy for you to understand that only about 8 to 10% achieve their set goals. What happens to the other 90%?

Therefore, I believe the key to getting things done consistently isn’t in setting goals; rather, in building the right habits.

See The Big Picture

[Goal Setting] without the [Right Habits] will yield no positive result.

The [Right Habits] without [Goal Setting] can get you whatever you want.

Why most people don’t achieve their set goals isn’t because they are not trying hard. But that is not enough. It’s never enough. You see, we all need the willpower to get things done and it’s determined by our emotional state or state of the mind.

You can awaken an emotional state that jolts you to kick-start a goal setting/goal achieving process, but how will you sustain it? What exactly will keep pushing you on? That’s a bit tricky; it’s, however, the reason you always stop half way. You don’t achieve a goal when there is nothing to propagate the emotional state that initiated the goal getting course. Click to Tweet that

Let me help you understand with these examples. It’s easier to stay without sex if you never had it. Once you experience it, you’re likely to want it again. And the more you have it, the more you’d crave for it. You know why? It feels good to have sex. And ladies are more likely to stay with guys who know how to make them feel good than the ones who lack the understanding. People who take drugs say it makes them feel good.

Let me show you how it relates to setting goals and why building your habit is profoundly more important than setting goals. Remember, the emotional state is key.

The urge to want to reach certain feats can excite you. I mean, having a mental picture how those feats can change your life could make you momentarily feel good. Plus you’ve been told setting goals does the magic.

This emotional state quickly could make you set goals. But an emotional state can’t sustain itself; something has to propagate it. And you need to maintain an equivalent level of emotional state between setting goals and achieving them; otherwise, you’re going to dump the idea half way. Click to Tweet that

Now, what do you think will keep you [continually] in the same emotional state between setting your goals and achieving them, which of course could take days, months or years?

Absolutely nothing!

Subsequently, the willpower gradually and without you knowing it will eat away.

This is the simple reason you often dump your set goals – nothing makes you feel good about them again after some time. For example, you got inspired to write a book and you felt great about it. After a month, the emotion erodes and you dump the idea. Not necessarily because you have changed your mind about writing a book.

How I Started Achieving My Dreams.

My frustrations with goal setting steered me to try something different. I’ve always wanted to write books, start a blog [and make posts twice weekly]; start a coaching programme and an online business, to mention but a few.

These things make me feel good about myself – they make me feel fulfilled, but I couldn’t start any of them for many years. As a result, instead of setting goals, I started working on being committed to what I wanted to achieve. I started a writing challenge of 1000 words per day.  I’d wake up early in the morning, do my tasks which include writing and still go to work. It felt so good! The pleasure increased each time I write until I developed the habit of writing.

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That was how I started achieving my dreams without setting goals. I’ve used the same habit over the years to achieve every dream I had the gut to pursue, and it still works pretty well for me. It’s nearly impossible for me not to write now. You know the saying, old habits die hard.

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Take Action:

What do you want to achieve in 2019?

  1. Write them down on paper, not on your head.
  2. Commit to continually being stimulated to achieve them. That’s the only way you will get things done.
  3. Get small results every day. It creates the emotion I told you about.

Speak Your Mind: What has been your experience with setting goals over the years and what have you done differently to achieve your goals?



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