Okay, enough of excuses. Let’s be candid, you’ve given too many excuses and you’ve been on the same level for too long. It’s time to move and launch out, don’t you think so?                     

Whoever said this was damn right: 

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs”

Come to think of it, you’ve wished that something magical, or at least the miraculous would happen in your life. You’ve admired other’s achievements and you’ve wished you were like them. And all along, you’ve experienced this uneasiness about your status quo – something keeps telling you that your present state is no longer befitting. You don’t feel fulfilled anymore and you know it’s time to move and launch out.

However, something would not just allow you take positive steps. You’ve tried severally to make moves, and the more you try, the more you find yourself slipping back into your comfort zone. Something in your mind is not in sync with your hands and legs.

Do you recognize these?

“I will start soon”

“I will do it someday”

“I will do it tomorrow”

“I will start when I have money”

“Let me just take a nap, I will attend to it shortly”

“I will start when the weather is favourable”

“I will start when I get married”

Here’s the truth

You see those words, they are for people who are not serious about their dreams and those who are not ready to break limits and achieve awe-inspiring results.

You told yourself you’d start writing your book, start your blog, launch your album, start your consultation services, or save money for that special project. You even promised yourself it would be the last time you’d ever procrastinate, yet you didn’t take a step afterwards.

Don’t get too hard on yourself. We all went through the same process, we all had the same problem. It’s always not easy to start anything worthwhile. It takes more than a burning desire to start great projects; it takes more than planning and setting goals. Yes, it takes more than prayer and fasting. It takes something more, it takes one thing, and that is…


That’s it, and nothing less than that would get you results. It can’t get any more basic. The only way to get anything done is to start working on it.

You need to give a free rein to your dream, and the time is now!

I know what you might have in mind: “How will I start?”

Well, we all asked the same question before we launched our dream. And how to start is just a reasonable question to ask. If you want a sincere answer to that question, I’d tell you in a moment. And my answer to that question is…

Start anyhow, start with whatever you have, and start with whoever is available. Then move gradually and things will fall in place, with time.

I wish I can share how to run and double your speed and performance in 24 hours, but nothing of such exit. You have to start and take one step at a time. Then you’d learn as you walk along. You will meet with people who will motivate and inspire you. You will meet with those who will teach you how things work. You might fail, possibly, but you will learn. And with time, you will discover what works and become stable.

That’s how to start…Take action!

I’m scared to my bones…

Oh, I almost fail to recall. Friend, I perfectly understand what it means to be scared. I lived in fear for many years and I know what it means. Those spellbinding thoughts that’d not allow you make moves, oh yeah, I know what they are:

Fear of success (“Even if I succeed, how do I continue or sustain it?”)

Fear of continuity (“If perchance I take the first step, how will I know what next to do?”)

Fear of the unknown (“I just don’t feel right about this whole thing, I fear something unpleasant might happen”)

Fear of reality (“I thoroughly considered my goal, and it’s really overwhelming. I’m not sure I’m wired for what I’m about to venture into”)

Fear of contrary opinion (“What if people don’t believe in my dream? what if they disagree with me? What if no one believes me?”)

Fear of criticism (“What if people talk ill about me? What if they talk me down?”)

Fear of commitment (“Will I have to stick to one thing almost every day of my life? Will I have to keep sleeping late and waking up early?”)

Fear of failure (“What if I don’t succeed? What if I fail altogether?”)

“Every man is afraid of something. That’s how you know he’s out to get something bigger than himself”

You know what I’m talking about, right? Yes, it will always be there. It will never leave, and no one has really mastered it. We have only learnt to master the art of what we do, not minding the presence of fear.

Fear has only one remedy, and that is…

Ignore it, simple!

Taking a giant step is the scariest thing to do. I was scared to my bones when I wanted to launch my dream. I was scared when I wanted to unveil my business, I was scared when I wanted to start writing my books, and yes, I was scared when I wanted to build my website. However, I decided to act, not minding my fears. I simply ignored it.

And that’s the key, ignore it!

Until you take action and launch your dream, you will not know how much power you have to change lives and rewrite history.

Nothing will happen if you don’t take action.

No one will hear you if you fail to act.

You will still be frustrated, broke and poor if you refuse to advance your life.

Whatever your fear is, it can befall you even when you refuse to take action. Inaction does not guarantee security. If your fear is death, you will still die even when you do nothing. It’s better to die trying to achieve your dream that to die lazing around.

And who knows…

You might just succeed. You might not fail. You might just do it right and hit your soft spot. Things might not be as difficult as you imagined them, and you won’t know unless you try. In addition, you will always have something to learn, you will grow and become better at what you do. The only way to improve on anything is to practice it.

If you really want to explore your life and get the best from it, take action and work on your dream.

Don’t start tomorrow. Don’t do it later. Take action right away. Take the first step and make the first move now. Yes, right now!

Let’s hear from you: What has kept you from launching your dream and what step have you taken to overcome it?

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