I watched as her threadbare flip-flops click-clacked on the pavement of the tarred streets of Lagos Island. A baby strapped to her back, tightly secured with an equally faded Ankara wrapper sleeping peacefully.

Well balanced on her head was a large blue bowl filled with various bottles of herbs (Agbo) which she used to eke out a living for herself, her three year old son, and her 10 months old baby who was currently strapped to her back.

A storm was already gathering in the distance and gusts of wind were already heralding the impending rain. The only thing on her mind at the moment was to get shelter. The clouds overhead were already turning dark.

The streets were almost bare of people and the few who remained were scampering away to safety.

Then she saw a space right at the corner of the other side of the road. An abandoned rugged stall. This would make do she thought.

The few cars that remained on the road sped past to avoid the impending storm.

Then she made to cross to the other side of the road in the midst of the confusion created by gusts of wind sweeping dust. No one must take her spot she thought.

In one swift moment of miscalculation, she was already in the middle of the road. All that was heard after that and before the first thunderbolt was the screeching of tires and a heavy thud, and the car was gone.

Then the rain started pouring in torrents.

The Month was March, the year was 1995 and the young lady’s name was Morenike…

That’s it!

I just created time, scene, space and Morenike, and here’s already an image in your mind.

We create suspense, spontaneity, miracles and fate.

We create fate.

Listen up! How many times have we heard it said; ‘ideas rule the world’? Whose ideas? Yours? Mine? My imaginations imprinted Morenike and her sad fate in your heart, and take it or leave it, that image has come to stay. How impactful is your imagination? What is it birthing for you? How free is your mind? How active have you trained it to be?

You see, man’s biggest problem is how to bring something out of nothing; how to create a new line of thoughts and successfully approach life in different ways. I tell you, it’s super easy to get stuck in our old unproductive thoughts and lifestyle, but you must escape that circle.

You have probably made wrong impressions on people in the past; you might even have missed excellent opportunities to make things happen. Not to worry, you can start again.

How? You ask…


Activate your mind; expand your thinking pattern. Think of ways to rebrand yourself and your product, ways to correct that wrong impression you made on your boss.

Fire up your intuition and make it work.

You’ve got to break free from the mob. Dare to let that imagination escape. Yes, allow it escape like a bird. Make your imagination run wild. Put it to task, drill it, stress it, Yes, stress it. Maximize it, and give the world a new voice, a new experience, a new product, a new package, new skills, new apps, new songs, new scripts, new fashion fleeks.

Engage your mind; redefine the obvious.

Think outside the box; break the norms.

Exceed standards; set the pace.

Inspire your world; leave them in awe!

Bring it out… out of your imagination.

Be better, be smart, be creative…

Dare to live your dream!

It’s in you!

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