They talk more
Ladies are more expressive in nature. They are verbose creatures (when they hang with the right guy). But when it’s down to playing games, side-lining guys, walking out of relationships, having extra affairs or communicating important things, they can be highly coded.
They code words
Ladies speak with codes, many of which guys don’t understand. They communicate with their eyes, the tone of their voice, their facial expressions, their silence, their smiles, special words and phrases, and even their dresses.
You know how it was as a child when mum forbids you to accept gifts from people. All you needed was look at mummy’s face whenever you want to know your stance, especially when a guest hard-pressed you to accept gifts. Her face would say it all. And when she deliberately refuses to look at you, you know what it means – “Don’t dare accept it!”
They get misunderstood  
Now and then you kiss and hug your husband, and before you know it, you’re on the bed. And you say to yourself, “Oh, no! I didn’t mean sex, I was only trying to connect and feel warm. He misunderstood me, anyway, that wasn’t a bad one”.
Sometimes you make signals to your husband in public gatherings, expecting him to or not to do certain things, but he just won’t get it. A code or sign another lady will easily understand. 
At times you just want to make friends with a certain guy, or you’re just being nice and showing care. Before you know it he’ll begin to make advances, telling you how much he has always admires and loves you. Knowing he misinterpreted your actions, you say to him… “Hey, I didn’t mean relationship, I’m just a nice girl”.
They ask questions 
Are guys really dumb? I think they are not. They are just not wired to read signs. That explains why a lot of guys can’t read the signs easily when a lady gets to her threshold and she’s set to walk out of a relationship. 
They give warning signs 
If you can’t crack the codes, you can’t read the signs, you can’t interpret her moves, you can’t judge her actions and you can’t even make inferences from her words, these will help, I’m sure.
1. She stops complaining: Ladies generally complain more than the guys do. They complain because they are in love. If a time ever comes when a lady stops complaining, she’s just cool with everything you do, it means you’re losing points with her. Don’t worry when she fight and complain, she’s in love. You should worry when she stops complaining, it means she has nothing more to fight for.
2. She starts to give lame excuses: A lady in love will go completely out of her way to make things work. You know how it was when you first met her – how she will do everything within her power to have you smile. It wasn’t hard to know she was madly in love, right? That’s it!
When ladies love, it’s like mother to child’s love – they want to do more, they want to give more and they always want to see you happy, even when it’s not convenient for them. 
When she begins to make lame excuses, giving you repeated reason why she would not see you, make a date, be at certain usual places or do some usual things, well, she might be speaking in parables.
3. She stops picking your calls: Well, that’s easy to understand. When your girlfriend stops picking your calls, she’s not calling back and she’s not giving you reasonable reasons for her actions, you’re already falling from her grace.
4. She starts to use some unfamiliar words and phrases: Ladies in love are really pleasant – their words are delightful and their actions are expressions of love.
When your lover begins to use some really unfamiliar words and phrases that get you worried, especially when most of them send you negative feelings, then it’s time to up your game. Words like: “As if I care”, “You can do your worst”, “That’s your problem, go fix it”‘ etc. should give you serious concern. A lady in love doesn’t speak that way.
5. She becomes carefree: When your lover starts to lead an independent life, when she makes important decisions and  takes important actions without consulting you, and when she say heart breaking words without considering your feelings or thoughts, then you’re up for something really bad.
6. When she begins to make questionable demands: If your girlfriend isn’t someone who makes unnecessary demands, and you suddenly notice a sharp contrast, that should give you concern. When she starts to make unreasonable demands, she might be taking her last minute tithe and offering.
7. When she begins to use strange DPs and sensitive PMs: When your girlfriend starts to use other guy’s pics as her display picture, she might be sending a message. 
And when she starts to use PMs like: “When it’s over, it’s over. Don’t try waking the dead” or “Sometimes you need to forget what you feel and remember what you worth” or something like, “Sometimes you don’t value what you have until you lose it.” Again, she’s sending a message.
8. When she stops reading your pings: Well, sometimes they take it further since you’re blind to the signs. So she stops reading your pings, and when she reads them, she won’t reply. You know what that means, don’t you? She doesn’t care anymore. That’s how ladies treat people when they don’t care about them.  
9. She’s strangely happy: Because you won’t stop being a pest, you don’t have her attention even when you’re with her. She’s either chatting or speaking on phone with the other guy. And she’s always smiling, laughing and talking to herself. You need a miracle to have her back at this point.
 Mr. Fantastic, I hope these will help. You better make up with your girlfriend, redeem your image and pledge to be a better man, or else, you’re close to having a heart break.
 Let’s hear from you: You know some other things ladies do when they want to quit relationships, add them to the list in the comment section below…

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