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Relationship Test Questions

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Relationship Compatibility Test Questions


0 – 49% says you’re very incompatible.

50 – 69% says you’re a little compatible

70 – 85% says you’re good together

86 – 100% says you’re a perfect match!

1. Marrying someone you’re very incompatible with is like people with genotype SS and SS getting married. You know they will NOT enjoy the marriage, except by a miracle, right? And you know miracles don’t always happen, right?


My advice: Don’t marry someone you’re very incompatible with. You cannot enjoy the marriage.

2. Marrying someone you’re a little compatible with is like people with genotype AS and AS getting married. You know experts don’t advice AS and AS to get married, right?

The reason is that, somehow, they will give birth to a child or children with genotype SS. And managing a child with Sickle cell anemia (or sickle cell disease) is NOT a piece of cake.

My advice: Don’t marry someone you are a little compatible with. You will have your time of happiness and fun, but you also will have your moments of pain and regrets. Worst is that your relationship could get really bad. And your marriage might be unbearable.

You don’t want to risk having that bitter experience, do you?

You’re smart!

NOTE: Being compatible does not mean the absence of challenges. But your challenges would be acceptable and you would be able to manage them well. Above all, you will be happy.

Should you need my counsel after the test, I will be willing to help.


0 – 49% says you’re OUT OF SHAPE. Your priorities are bad.

50 – 69% says your priorities are below average. Not good enough.

70 – 85% says you’re AVERAGE. This won’t stop your relationship from going bad. You need to do more!

86 – 100% says you’re awesome! You have your priorities right.


0 – 49% says you’re OUT OF SHAPE. You’re living with a stranger

50 – 69% says you’re below average. You need to work real hard.

70 – 85% says you’re AVERAGE. And it’s not enough.

86 – 100% says you’re good! Thumbs up!


0 – 49% says you’re OUT OF SHAPE.  You’re bad with giving!

50 – 69% says you’re BELOW average. Scale up or your marriage may not survive.

70 – 85% says you’re AVERAGE. You need to do more

86 – 100% says you’re splendid! Well done.


0 – 49% says you’re OUT OF SHAPE! You’re clueless

50 – 69% says you’re BELOW average! You’re still not hitting the point.

70 – 85% says you’re AVERAGE. You need to do better.

86 – 100% says you’re doing great! You should be a coach!


0 – 49% says you’re OUT OF SHAPE. Your focus is outside your marriage. You are borderline unfaithful to your spouse, either physically or emotionally, or both. You need to redirect your focus to what’s most important. Quit all the extracurricular. It’s draining your marriage

50 – 69% says you’re BELOW average. You’re neither here nor there. You’re distracted. You need to make a BIG decision and stick to it. Let go of “others” and you will be fine.

70 – 85% says you’re AVERAGE. You could improve your fidelity a lot and intensify the connection with your spouse. You’re probably not aware of how damaging the connections you are making outside your marriage are to the relationship with your spouse.

86 – 100% says you’re faithful to your spouse. Wow! Hats off! Still, ask yourself if you fall short in any area or if you have room to improve and continue to work on your relationship. Well done!

Let’s find out how well you’re doing!

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