Day: Last week Thursday

Time: 4:38 pm

Spot: Blessing’s room

The following conversation ensued between two friends:

Blessing: “Babe, tell me something! Tell me you’re not serious about what you just said.

Are you kidding me?

Really, tell me you’re not dumping Francis, too. I mean … This is kinda crazy! That was how you dumped Kunle, Collins, Dan, and Emmy … I can count on and on. And all you did was to give some lame excuses in your defence. You’ve dated 9 guys in less than 9 months!

Are you saying you don’t love any of these guys? C’mon girl! This doesn’t seem right to me.

Let’s get back to that.

You were trying to describe your ideal man at the restaurant the other time. I deliberately changed the topic of our discussion when I noticed the guys next to us were eavesdropping on our discussion.

Now we can discuss, and I need you to tell me more. I need to understand fully what you meant by ‘irreconcilable differences'”.

Then she added, “Make we just trash out the matter with you and guys right now”.

It seemed like she was done talking, but something didn’t make sense to her … Quickly, she picked up again.

“Wait o, my friend. So, you mean say that correct guy … Erm … Francis no be your kind of man, too?

But he’s trying. At least, he’s always there for you, giving you supports the best way he could.

Look, the way you just dey change men lately ehn, you better grab one before story go change. At times you have all the men crawling to have you, at other times, you might have to pray really hard in order to get one.”

Brenda: “But you’re funny sha, Blessing. Na ‘Always being there for you’ I go chop? Person no get money you say him dey try? Look, I don’t need a guy who’s trying. I need the one who is comfy taking care of me.

Babe, look at me na, what you’re seeing is money. And I need someone who can maintain it; someone who can pay my bills and make me look my best.

But these guys you just mentioned are not it at all; they are broke-ass idiots! The ones that are not broke are stingy! They are just too stingy. But why are men like that? Why are they stingy? Ask them for money, na so-so story you go dey hear, and dem want make you see them in the ‘other room’.

How on God’s earth can I be with a guy who can’t take care of me? Look, babe, I can’t date a guy who does not have money, talk more of marry him, no matter how much love he claims to have. And I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

That’s the truth.

‘Love is all you need, love is all you need’ and my mum got married blindly to my dad. What did she get in return? Pain and frustration! She never enjoyed her marriage with him for a day! She had to do a lot of things without his financial involvement; I thought men are supposed to take care of their wife. Worst is that he kept cheating on her!

Did you know why my mum died three years ago? She died because she was frustrated! She was always feeling depressed! It was from one form of harassment to another assault, you get the point, right?

Then one day she fell badly ill and there was no money to operate her! She died eventually.

Love is not all you need, babe, you need money, too.

Before she passed on, mum told me to compromise when I can. And when I can’t, I should not! I can’t forget that in a hurry.

I’ve also learned NOT to break my rules for guys. They are going to trample on it, cheat on you and dump you when they are done using you.

Men are dogs!

Anyway, I’m still on the lookout for the one who is right for me. He’s gonna show up soon, I know.

Sweet, classy babes like me no dey lack guys, trust me. Soldier go, soldier come, I no dey shake!”

They looked at each other and laughed.

Then she said, “Him sha must get money wella; if at all I’m not gonna enjoy love, at the very least, I should enjoy nice things. That na why him must get plenty money. I no fit come suffer. And he must be handsome bcos I like tall, slim, fair classy guys. You know, guys wey go represent well, with a fine ride and eye-popping apartment!

I like guys with big and long ‘service rods’. The ones that will make me beg for me dear life. You know what I mean?”

She rolled her eyes and they both laughed again.

Blessing: “My friend… You sha like big things. As it is now, I’m speechless. I wish you all the best”.

Brenda: “How we go do nau? Smart girls must like big things … The bigger, the better, you know.

Day: Last week Friday

Time: 3:21pm

Spot: Castle Da White Hotel, Abuja.

Wisdom: “Hello. I’d like to make a room reservation, please.”

Hotel Attendant: “Hi, good afternoon sir. Please go through the available rooms and their respective prices”.

She handed him a tab.

Wisdom: “I’d go for the 150k/night. And I’d be staying for two nights”.

Then he explained:

“I just came in from the airport, hired a car to move around. And right now, I don’t have cash here with me. Please, let me check in, drop my luggage and dash out to the bank quickly.”

Attendant: she looked at him quizzically, and thought to herself; “Well, we have nothing to lose yet. If he doesn’t return in good time, I’d give his room out to another customer. Besides, he doesn’t look broke. Him go get money. And … I kinda like him; he’s handsome and he smiles a lot.”

He’s tall, slim and light in complexion. He wore a fitted navy blue suit, a sparkling white shirt and a slim dark brown coloured mixed with a dotted black tie. He speaks impressively and appears to be a business man. She judged from the briefcase on his right hand and the suitcase on his left.

“Sir, that’s against our policy, but please, be sure to return quickly before my boss questions me”. She gave him the access card to his room and directed him.

Wisdom: ‘Thank you’. He looked at her for a few seconds [that look that says, ‘you don’t look bad’] and walked away.

He walked down a few minutes later. Talking on the phone and dangling his car key, “I’d be right back”. He whispered to the hotel attendant and walked briskly to his car.

The attendant could see him through the transparent automatic sliding door. And when she lost sight of him, she turned to the monitor to her left and watched him [through the help of a camera] as he drove out of the hotel.

At 5:20pm

Wisdom walked in with Brenda [yes, the one you know]. He bought something that was neatly wrapped for the attendant. He winked his left eye, gave some confusing look and dropped the gift on the attendant’s table. He left before she could say a word.

Attendant: “Wow! He bought me a gift!” She quickly unwrapped it. It was an adorable silver earring! It looked very beautiful. “This is lovely! Yes!” She shouted impulsively.

“I said it. He’s such a nice guy. I think he likes me. First, that sexy look, now, this gift. I love you, too, handsome. If that’s your question” The attendant muttered.

Then she started to think:

“I could not ask for the money because he walked in with a lady. Let me just wait for him to come down again. I just hope this ends well. I wonder why he won’t pay his bill right away.”

Wisdom and Brenda.

Wisdom had met Brenda on Facebook a long time ago and they got fond of each other, but had not seen in person. They talked at length in the hotel room; they ate, had some drinks and Brenda went into the bathroom.

She came out tying a white towel. She has such an amazingly fresh and sexy body.

Wisdom walked towards her from the door where he ensured it wasn’t open.

On sighting him on a boxer, she became immediately turned on! Brenda was momentarily motionless! Her muscles became weak and she stopped moving. Her eyes glowed and were fixed on him … her thoughts went wild.

‘This guy is killing me,’ she said in her heart. He’s got that chocolate skin Adonis look going on, dark eyes that made her weak at the knees. He has an unusual look that made her feel he was taking off her towel. She quickly imagined herself on his broad chest.

She was drawn to him in seconds … he’s got a perfect smile that would make any lady feel special. He’s more handsome with those smiles that reveal his sparkling white, well-shaped and well-positioned set of teeth.

He’s a fair few inches taller than her, and she likes it that way. He’s got a slim, muscular body, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face.

She felt a spark the instant she saw him! And when he opened his mouth, oh my! Her heart melted like the wax! She felt a sensation in her spine! Something trickled in her body.

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Her panties instantly became wet! So much that she could feel it. Her breasts throb, they beg for his touch. Her mind wandered far away, and thoughts gushed in like a collapsed dam … The pressure was unstoppable. The exertion of his presence was killing!

She became helpless. She became needy. She became expectant.

Then he moved close to her … Every step makes her heart race. Then he reached out. His hand on her shoulder was a sweet pleasure. She was ready for anything. Then he pulled her to himself and kissed her passionately.

‘Wis …’ Before she could complete his name, he responded with a ‘Shh! Don’t say anything,’ he whispered to her ears. Then he carried her and laid her gently on the bed… Her breath became heavy.

She looked into his eyes and the passion she saw caught her on fire!

And then … It happened! Let me leave that to your imagination.

Okay, next,

They both lay on the bed and relish the experience.

Obviously, she was staying for two nights, too. She seemed to have met her ideal man because Wisdom promised her the heavens. After all, he has God as his father.

He told her of his new contract and explained it was the reason he visited Abuja, and of course, also to see her. And that Mr. Maurice, his contact person was assigned to pay him the sum of 3 million naira.

“You know what, baby, I’m gonna give you a very big surprise, one you will never forget”. He assured Brenda.

Brenda: “Oh, baby! You’re such a nice guy. You’re the best. Thank you.”

At 7:53 pm

Wisdom and Brenda walked down to the reception. The attendant looked anticipating but didn’t say a word, still. She only thanked him for the gift.

Then he said to the attendant, “Do you use those POS machines?”

Attendant: “Yes! Yes, sir! In fact, we have five of them here”.

Wisdom: “Good. Please let me pay my bills now. I didn’t pay for the things I ordered just now from the kitchen. Please call the kitchen, ask for the bill and take it all at once”.

Attendant: After 3 minutes, said, “Sir, I think your bank is experiencing network problem. Most of our customers today from this bank were unable to use their cards here. Do you have another card here, please?”

Wisdom: “Oh, really? Apologies, please”.

Then he turned to Brenda, “Baby, let me use your debit card, please. I’m going to transfer the money right back to you”.

She gave him her card without hesitation. And In less than two minutes, N240,000 was debited from her account.

Then they drove out of the hotel to catch some Friday night fun.

On arriving at the Fun Garden, they went straight to a boutique and shop for certain items; clothes and accessories worth 350,000 naira were selected.

Wisdom: “Please keep these for us. We would pick them up on our way out.” He told the attendant.

The boutique is situated such that you could see people from afar. So, the attendant could sight those seated.

At about 9: 23 pm

Wisdom used the “Self Call” service on his phone and chose the Caller to be Mr. Maurice.

He excused himself to use the restroom 5 minutes later; meanwhile, his phone was left on the table.

63 seconds later, his phone rang! It was Mr. Maurice!

Brenda quickly took the phone and ran to him. “You have a call”, she said to him. He picked and started talking about the contract.

Brenda was impressed. And the Juicy part was that 3 million naira would be paid!

While the discussion was on, something happened that looked like Mr. Maurice ran out of air time. Wisdom dialed Mr. Maurice’s number on his phone, but the line would not connect. Then he started complaining of the network.

Two minutes later, the line still would not connect; Brenda then offered her phone, since she uses a different network. “If you don’t mind, darling, you may call him on my line”, She told him.

He quickly took the iPhone 7 and the call went through at once. Then, he went on with his fake call.

Gradually, he stood up as if something private came up in the discussion and he moved away from Brenda. Still, on the phone, he walked behind Brenda, and gradually into the boutique, he took the items they had earlier selected and said to the attendant, “Let me keep them in the car, my wife [he pointed at her] would be coming right away to pay for them”.

He took the stuff and that was it! He drove off and went away for all eternity.

At about 9: 51 pm

Brenda became worried. “Where’s Wisdom?” She asked herself. She searched everywhere and not his shadow was seen!

Then it occurred to her that something was not right.

The boutique attendant would not let her go. Before you know it, the police was involved. On getting to the hotel room, his briefcase was loaded with irrelevant papers. And his suitcase had no suit in it.

That was when she realised some other things were missing in her bag. While she went to have her bath, he was busy with her bag.

She never saw it coming.

Do you want to know what happened next?

Wait for the sequel!

Lesson: Don’t leave a king and mess with a joker.


1. Too good is not always good, and too fast is not always good enough. Good relationships take time.

2. Know your partner. I don’t mean his name.

3. Social media is not a place to truly know people. Up to 60% of what you see on social media isn’t real.

4. Don’t spend the night with a total stranger. Even if they don’t kill or dupe you, doesn’t common sense tell you it is bad?

5. Everyone has a motive/intention. Do well to know your partner’s

6. Don’t focus entirely on what you can get. You should focus also on what you have to offer. After all, love is not all about receiving.

7. Sparks, connection or sex is not a sign of love. People can have sex with you and still scam you, ask Brenda.

8. Watch what you look for, you might just find it!

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