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Usually when you’re wrong, you know it. Your body reacts to it. Your face reveals it as you get covered with guilt. Even the offended would see it. Florence and I knew we got it wrong and Rose could see it.

We were not wrong because we were together at Rose’s house. In fact, we were not wrong only because we had sex, but, because we did at the wrong place.

When Rose left the dining area, she walked towards us, by impulse, we immediately separated. Florence quickly wrapped herself up with her gown, she took Rose’s left while I stood at her right, both waiting to see Rose’s reaction, probably something unpleasant.

Rose left the dining area with something, I saw the visage, but, I didn’t know what it was. I fastened my eyes at her right hand, trying to see what she held. She knew we were dying hard to see what it was, so, she wrapped it a bit in her flying skirt, just to make us more desperate.

She walked past the dining area, stood still, and fixed me a look, the look that says, “Boy, you disappointed me”. I got the message and gave a sorry expression.

Then, she walked towards Florence. I got scared with each step she took. My eyes darted to Florence, she was expressionless, you know that moment when you’re just ready for anything, after all, it’s your fault.

Finally, Rose and Florence stood facing each other. They stared at each other for seconds without words. Then Rose made a crazy move, she leaned on Florence a little, then whispered something into her ears.

I didn’t hear what she said, but she said something to her then moved straight to her room. Just after she was gone, Florence hurriedly got dressed, her hands, however could not reach the zip behind her dress, so, she looked at me and said, “Please help me.” pointing to her back.

I had a flash of our adventure as I walked towards her. I reached her dress and pulled up the zip, then I said, “I’m sorry.”

Just after that, she went in with Rose and shut the door behind her. So, logically, Rose must have told Florence to join her up in the room. I was shut out of the discussion. And there was absolute quietness! How could this be? What’s going on in that room? I thought to myself. Boy, I was dead worried.

5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, I didn’t see anyone come out and I still didn’t hear anything. It got really bad, I mean my thoughts ran wild! I became very curious, but, I couldn’t go in.

About 40 minutes later, I heard the door open, it was Rose! I couldn’t ask where Florence was. I just wanted to see what would happen. She didn’t say a word to me and she looked calm. More relaxed than she went in. And that suggested two things – either she was pacified or she was able to vent.

Rose went into the kitchen, took something and went back into her room. Few minutes later, she came out again, this time, she sat with me in the living room, but still didn’t say a word. I had switched on my phone, so I got busy with it just to get distracted.

She looked like someone who had something to say, but didn’t say anything. My mind was full of thoughts, yes, similar to what you’re thinking right now. What could she have done to Florence? I asked myself. I wish I could put words to her, but it could lead to something worse. She might feel I really care about Florence.

I knew that when someone is messing with your lover or with someone you love, all you’d want to figure out is your lover’s feeling towards the person, not the other way round. And ultimately, that is what will inform your reaction.

Few minutes later, I heard a door open, it was Florence! I sighed! Thank God, I said in my heart. She had had her bath, she smelled nice and looked beautiful. So, while I was worried, she was freshening up, I said in my heart.

Then I remembered the maxim that says, “He who suffers before it becomes necessary suffers more than necessary.

I looked at Rose, she was busy with her phone, I looked back at Florence, she winked at me and said, ‘bye Rose,’ and walked out! Florence is gone, now I need to go, I said to myself.

Rose stood up just after Florence was gone, then I stood up, too. I wanted to tell her of my intention to leave, but, I knew I needed to apologize first.

I forgot that when a woman is angry with you, you don’t touch her. So, I touched her and said, “I’m sorry, Rose.” She looked at me and gave me a ‘stars-seeing’ slap! Aww! It was unexpected! Just when I was trying to brace up and enjoy the slap, she said, “Maurice, you’re a big fool! How could you sleep with my friend in my house?” When I tried to explain how it happened, she drew near and gave me another slap!

This girl is daring! I said to myself. But I knew when you’re in the wrong place, and you do wrong, then, wrong things happen. Besides, I joltingly discovered that I couldn’t really complain because… because, I like the girl. So, I just went on to say I was sorry.

Then she started talking about how much she had desired me and how strong her feelings for me were… She talked on and on. And I’ve learnt early enough that when something bad happens, and a lady tries to explain how much she had loved the guy, rather than just walk away without words, then she’s still looking for the tiniest opportunity, if any, to make things up.

So, I summoned up courage, moved close to her, hugged her tight, whispered some magic words to her, and kissed her.

I’m sure she didn’t expect it. But it worked! I could feel the gush of emotions that ran down her spine. She didn’t resist me, I just told you the psychology of what happened.

Bad situations could sometimes be turned around, if one party knows what to do in order to connect to the other person’s soul.

Just when I touched her, she melted! She was sensitive to my touch. Her breath became heavy, I could feel her heartbeat as she leaned on me. Her voice changed, her eyes were filled with passion…

Then she said,

“The smile on my lips when you’re with me or when I think about you in your absence…

The thoughts and memories that flood my heart…

Believe me, Maurice… no words can describe… no words…


My heart beats for you…

I feel like giving you all of me

Holding you in me firmly.

Rocking you, and soothing you in my warm embrace…

Taking all of you into all of me and merging as one in soul and body…

I wish I can have you to myself… The world will be still, just you and I will be”.

The words were like sweet music to my ears and I was lost in the tempo. I wrapped her in my embrace, looking into her eyes, but lost for words.

Then, she asked me to promise her that I wouldn’t have anything with Florence again, which I did.

When a woman is in love, she is easier to convince, she trusts easily, and she forgives easily.

I learnt a lesson from Rose that when your friend messes with your lover or vice versa, you don’t get too hard on your friend, your problem should be with your lover.

In the middle of our ‘love and talk,’ I knew this was a friendship I wanted to cultivate. However, I remembered my girlfriend. I knew things were not going to be easy with her, afterall, I had really pissed her off, especially in the previous day. Just as I was thinking about her and how things would be between us, her call came in! Talk of the devil! Rose knew who called from the ring tone and asked me to pick the call.

“Maurice! What in hell is your problem? Huh? What exactly is your issue? Just as I was wondering what answer or explanation I could give in response to that, she blurted out… “Maurice, you know what? Just forget it! I can’t do this anymore, I really can’t…” I was, well, surprised.

I mean… well yes, I knew we had issues, issues that you don’t even know about, but, to break up with me? That was a big one. I started talking to her, telling her to be patient till I got back, I told her I was sorry, I started trying to make her calm down. In my efforts, I called her name… I got no response… And then, I knew she was gone.

My girlfriend and I never got back together, apparently, she had also gotten herself another guy as I was made to believe during our peace-seeking conversations when I got back home. Luckily for me, I got a job in Lagos, thanks to God and my uncle.

Rose and I became very good friends, and in due course, we became inseparable lovers. It took a while, but it became worth the while…. And Florence? She’s a good girl… I can tell you that. She is a good girl!

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