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She waited to see what I’d do… My mind ran into a state of momentary dysfunction. I left the phone to ring the first time, and just as it started ringing the second time, I picked the call.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you want me to die of hypertension? I’ve been worried all day, wondering why your phone was switched off. Don’t you know you should put a call through to me when you got back online? And now, I have to call 9 times before you’d even pick, abi?” my girlfriend hollered at me.

“Erm.. Something terrible happened to me. You just need to hear me out. I’m sorry, my love,” I said to her. “In fact, I’ve been trying to call, but the network has really been bad. I have you in mind, you should know that.” I added.

Just as I was thinking of the lies to tell to get out of the unpleasant situation I had found myself in with my girlfriend, Florence walked close to me with hyper-sensual glides, took the phone from me and switched it off! She immediately kept it on the table, came right behind me, leaned close and started to massage my shoulders. Hmm.. This was hard stuff, but, you know, sometimes we just allow some hard realities to happen to us.

It was crazy, I tell you. My girlfriend would get really mad, I knew. I wondered what she’d be thinking and how she’d feel. I was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I had to make a choice.

We find ourselves sometimes taking on momentary pleasures. We know some things are not really right, but we do them anyway. It’s not about being right or wrong at times that drives our action, it’s more of the pleasure we get from the things we do.

Should I put the phone on? Should I just bench on network issues? After all, I can successfully lie and capitalize on network problems. Besides, the massage was entering the right corners. She gave it to me like I never had it. It was sweet, it was deep, it was sensual.

She whispered certain words I can’t recall now to my ears as she touched the deep sides of me. The pleasure was irresistible. The feeling was too strong to be described or conveyed in words. My thoughts ran wild. My mind was… I dunno. My body became completely soothed and alive at the same time!

In a fraction of a second, I thought about everything that happened between Rose and I, and now, Florence. Then I asked myself… ‘Sexual Harassment: Who Is Really Harassing Who?’ Well, I’d leave you to judge.

I decided to take the pleasure, turn the night into an unforgettable experience and make the most of it. Yeah, I decided to forget other things and face Florence head on.

So, I held her right hand, brought her face to mine, kissed her deeply and made some smart body touching moves. Well, I don’t have to describe that, do I? Thanks for saying NO, I shouldn’t.

Then right in that sitting room, we had sex. I wish I could use another word, I actually hate the ‘S’ word.  But yes, we did it. Don’t ask me how many times and don’t ask me how it was. Don’t even ask me how I felt. Just be sure I did it. And I don’t know if it’s gonna hunt me.

We were both pleased. I saw it in her eyes. She kept looking at me, I kept asking what her thoughts were and she kept smiling.

After a few other things, we slept together. She slept on my broad chest, right in the sitting room. After the hard and rough day we had both had, we slept as children. You get that, right? Good!

Rose was unaware of everything that happened at her place. She expected that I’d be at home, and Florence, too, would either be at her place, or on her way back to the hospital.

If you think you’re smart, if you think you always have to take advantage of certain seemingly pleasant or favourable moments, if you feel no one is watching, well, things might not always go your way.

There was an emergency need for some of Tessy’s things, so I later found out. My line wasn’t reachable, Florence switched it off, remember?  Hers was off as well. So, Rose could not reach either of us, and so, she had to come home herself very early the next day.

She got the spare key from Tessy, took a taxi and was already at home around 5:30 am. We didn’t see it coming until she opened the door from outside and caught Florence and I fast asleep.

We still didn’t move a muscle until she switched on the electric bulb.

Oh…my…God! I woke up, I saw her… Her eyes glowed with fire. She stood speechless, she looked perplexed, she looked confused… As a matter of fact, her eyes became a television of varying emotions all fighting for a tiny space of priority. Florence was still fast asleep, so I touched her gently. ‘Hey, wake up’, I said to her… She woke up and jumped up like a child caught stealing a piece of meat. That was when I knew we were done for.

Then, Rose… She walked away from the switch box, and walked towards us… slowly.

I was really scared as I saw the fire in her eyes. The look was bad. I was more scared when she walked past us, and towards the dining table. I got scared because some dangerous tools, capable of causing destruction were right on the table. I had never seen her in such state, so, I didn’t know what she was capable of doing.

I prayed to God, quickly asked for forgiveness, then a chance to escape the horror I imagined. I didn’t want anything bloody. Gosh! What have I gotten myself into? In a swift moment, I saw Rose walking back towards us from the dining area… And then…then…in a flash, I saw it!

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