Grinning from ear to ear, caressing the Nokia phone on my left hand, my back was well rested on the chair, my eyes were looking straight up, focused at nothing specific… I listened with great delight… Then I responded, “I’m sure you love me, and I love you too.” I quickly inquired… “Did you see the money I sent to you?” “Yes, yes, please. I saw it. Sorry, I forgot to mention it.” She told me. “You forgot? Hmm… But you never forget to make requests.” I teased her and we both laughed again.

“I’d talk to you later,” I told her and I ended the call. The call summary shows I had spoken for 45 minutes. It felt like I spoke for just 4 minutes and 5 seconds. Just after that, I became conscious of those around… I suddenly realised I was amidst 13 others.

Some sweet calls could take us to cloud nine… You know how it is when you speak with that special person, right? How you want to talk on and on without desiring to stop… Moments when everything is worth talking about and everyone around wonders what you’re talking about… Yes, that’s it – I just experienced it.

I became a bit uncomfortable with my sitting position, so, I adjusted myself. Just when I looked to my left, I noticed a beautiful lady had been beside me… “Wow! So I had this beauty all along and I didn’t notice it, what was I thinking?” I asked myself. Before I was done admiring her [as if she read my mind], she turned and said: “Did you just speak with your girlfriend?” Before I could say a word, she added, “She must have missed you, how sweet to be missed by a loved one.”

I looked at her quizzically, then gave a wild smile and still in full admiration, I responded, “Are you a wiz? You must be a mind reader or an oracle or… How did you figure that out?”

“That was easy; it was evident in your conversation.” She responded. I thought to myself… Now she thinks she was right… Just like you… But, she was actually wrong, and you too are.

I spoke with my mum, not my girlfriend. I didn’t want to burst her bubbles, so I allowed her feel like a mind reader. You know such moments when someone is wrong, but you just allow them feel like they are right… Allowing them feel cool about themselves.

I am very fond of my mum because she’s all I have. I lost my dad few years back and I didn’t have a close relationship with him. I had opportunities to make things up and be friends with him while he was alive, but I waited too long.

He died and I suffered deep emotional disconnection. I missed him, I still do. I didn’t want him to die. But he died anyway, gone forever… Forever to be missed.

We often don’t value precious things and the people in our life when we have them until they are either taken from us or when we lose them.

If you still have your parents alive, be friends with them and take care of them while you can… They will not be there forever. And you’d feel terrible that you could have done certain things for them while they were still alive. Also, don’t neglect those around you because you won’t always have them.

So, I decided to make it up with mum and become her husband.

That formed the basis of our connection, and why you and the lady beside me thought she was my girlfriend…

Let’s get back here… This lady next to me, what’s her name? I don’t know, too bad… You know how it is when you’re travelling with a beautiful girl… The only thing on your mind is how to engage her in discussions and ultimately get her phone number.

Erm… Erm…What’s your name, Beautiful? I wanted to ask her, but she might just start feeling like the queen of England. You know how girls do it, right? Let me just wait for the right time.

“We’re at Ibadan, thank God we’d soon get to Lagos.” I said to her, in a bid to engage her in discussions. I hope my starting trick wasn’t bad… 

“Soon? It’s not going to be soon anything, just pray you won’t get home say by 8 pm,” she told me. “It’s Friday, and I heard some churches have programmes, which is causing a serious traffic congestion.” She added.

That was a bad news… Get home at night? But the day is still young. Let me hope she’s going to miss this again like she missed the first one, I said to myself. “Let’s hope it’s going to be the other way round,” I said to her. “Let’s hope so,” she replied.

“My name is Rose,” she looked at me with sexy eyes. You know that look when a lady likes you, right? Okay. And the truth is, looks affect guys… Smart ladies understand that. Different looks have different meaning… When a lady winks at you, well, she wants you, simple. When a lady sticks her tongue out, that’s a bad one.  

When a lady gives you a sexy hot look, she wants friendship. The last one was what Rose gave me. And the truth is, I was affected by it… I felt something ran down my spine “What is this girl up to…” I started thinking.

I don’t like being messed with, especially by hot girls… I’m not a bad guy, really. I don’t like to flirt… But, I’m vulnerable to very attractive ladies, especially when they throw themselves at me. Don’t blame me, I’m just being a man. I don’t mess with them, I don’t start things with them… I just mind my business. But when they mess with me, hmm… I just hope this Rose of a girl isn’t trying to mess with me, I really hope not. God, please help me…

However, this girl is a beauty to behold…

She’s slim, above average height, very fair… Spotless, with glowing skin… She’s  got cat eyes with great charm. Her braided hair was long… Way down her back. Her smile was breath-taking and her teeth are of average size, well-shaped and sparkling white. She’s got a little above average sized boobs and was well packed. Her deodorant wasn’t bad at all. And she speaks good English with a killer accent. Her sense of dressing and colour combo was great. She was just amazing! Rose is a lady to behold, trust me.

Why did I say those? I don’t like ladies like that to mess with me, simple! And I hope she’s not going to do that.  

Let’s get back here…

“I’m Mark Maurice” I responded.” “And you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen… God must have spent days carving this creature beside me… I’m sure I can’t find someone prettier… I’m blessed and most honoured to have you sit beside me,” I quickly added.

She rolled her eyes… The type you do when you are teased… You know someone is lying to you, but the lies are sweet, so, you like the lies. “I love to be pleasantly lied to. But I’d take that as an admiring comment,” she retorted.

“I don’t tell lies, Rose.” “I said to her. You seem… She wouldn’t allow me continue… “I was expecting to hear that,” she cut me off. “I expect you to tell me two things before we alight from this vehicle… ‘I don’t tell lies, and I’m different from the other guys’.” Then she added, “But the truth is, guys are the same, everywhere. They have the same hormones, so they mostly think and act in similar ways.”

“I don’t know how to respond to that, Rose. But I’m certain I’m not like the other guys.” I told her.

“Well, you don’t have to respond to it. We don’t have to argue this out… Time shall tell…” she said… “Oh yeah, time shall tell,” I mumbled.

“How come you know about hormones? Are you a Dr.?” I inquired. She smiled [Rose has a beautiful smile, I tell you]. She said… “I studied Mass Communication from the Better By Far University of Ilorin. But I know a little about Biology. I love to read things on how/why people do what they do… And there’s no way you’d successfully understand that without understanding hormones.”

“You’re smart, Rose. You speak intelligently.” I said to her. “Well, I wouldn’t admit that. But all the same, thanks” she responded.

“What do you do?” She inquired. “I’m an officer of the law,” I answered. “Like LASMA?” She teased. “No, like a church guard,” I responded… We both laughed.

“So, tell me, what do you do?” She asked again… “I used to be a Banker… I worked with Zenith Bank. But the recent downsizing affected me. I just lost my job. So, I’m going to meet my uncle in Lagos. I hope something good will come out of it.” I explained to her.

“So sorry to hear that dear.” She empathised. “Thanks, Rose… you’re kind,” I snapped.

Without asking, she said, “I’m a model.” “Wow! I thought as much, you have such a perfect body.” I psyched her. “I’ve always thought I’d marry a model… But I grew to dislike the way some of them open up private regions during modelling…” I said, expressing my displeasure.

She beamed and explained… “Well, you choose who you model for. And you’re at liberty to either accept the modelling offer or decline. The bottom line is; people do what they want to do. Nobody is forced to do anything.”

“Maurice, I like you. You’re a good guy… You have a good heart.” She psyched me… “The almighty mind reader! How did you figure this out… I’m sure you know all things.” I teased her.

She looked at me, leered and said, “I have a spirit that discern things. My heart doesn’t deceive me. If it tells me something is right, it has always been so.” She explained. “I see…” I responded. “You see well,” she teased.

She noticed the man on my right was listening to our conversation. He kept looking at her and was paying rapt attention to us. I never noticed until she said…

“Can we talk on the phone?” she requested.

Why would she want us to talk on the phone? We are travelling together and she’s right next to me…well, maybe she wants to block other people around from listening to our conversation… She meant we should chat, I guess.

“Sure, we can chat on the phone” I responded. I instantly gave her my BB pin and Whatsapp number.

Watin this girl get for mind sef? I asked myself.

Maybe she… Well, let me not guess. I’d just take a step at a time. Time reveals all intents.

To be continued…

The part 2 of this story will be published next week Thursday. Be sure to check… I bet you don’t want to miss it.

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