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I guess the words were right and my body language was accurate. So, she left and assisted Tessy. Before I got out of the bath, Tessy was already ironing my shirt. I took it from her and did justice to it.

After the whole thing, I lost appetite. I just couldn’t eat again. So, she offered me a drink. I don’t take alcohol, I told her. Lagos big girls drink, they even smoke too. So, she got me Five Alive.

Not long after I started taking the Five Alive, I knew something was wrong with me. I had just taken about two cups when the next thing I knew was that I woke up on the bed inside the room where I had my bath. I took the drink around 2:15 pm and woke up 5 pm. My phone was switched off, it was properly kept on the table inside the room.

I didn’t know what to think. The first thing that came to my mind was my uncle. I was supposed to do something very important for him at his office and we were supposed to go back home together.

“What happened to me?” I asked Rose. She merely smiled and would not say a word. “Why am I here, on this bed? What did you do to me?” I inquired. She still wouldn’t say anything. “Did you sleep with me?” I asked. She smiled and said, “No.” I didn’t notice anything wrong either when I checked myself, so, I felt relaxed but still curious.

Please take me home, I said to her as I hurriedly dressed up. I began to hate her that instant. In ten minutes, I was dressed and she was already waiting for me in her car.

She tried to tease me, called me ‘baby boy,’  ‘fear, fear’ and all that, but I didn’t say a word. I just wanted to get home and be sure my uncle wasn’t mad at me. I had already made up my mind that I wouldn’t talk with her, ever again, not until she explains what happened in her room to me.

After about 20 minutes drive to my uncle’s house, I discovered I wasn’t with my phone and my key to the house. We had to turn back to get my stuff. Turning back took us another 1 hour, due to the heavy traffic and rain.

When we got home, Tessy was nowhere to be found. Her number wasn’t going through.

My phone was inside and switched off. How do I reach my uncle? I’m sure he would be worried. How do I get my things? Not sure when Tessy would get back home. I was stuck, I was mad, I had mixed feelings.

Going back home would take me another 3 to 4 hours. It was already 7:49 pm. I had thoughts – ‘Let me wait a little.’ ‘Tessy would show up soon.’ ‘Let me just wait since I’ve been waiting and I don’t ever want to see Rose again.’ I waited until it was 9 pm.

Phew! I got to my elastic limit. “Rose, or whatever you say your name is, come and take me home. I don’t care about the phone and key anymore.” I said to her.

Just as we were getting ready to move, one of Rose’s friend, showed up [one of the ladies I met at her place earlier]. “Tessy is in the hospital, she needs a miracle to stay alive.” Florence slammed us with the news! “Tessy was on her way from the market when she slumped,” Florence added.

Rose momentarily ran mad. Her eyes changed and she started shaking… Tears rolled down her eyes. “What will I tell her parents? They are old and might just die on hearing this,” she said to me.

Maurice, please don’t leave me now. Come with me to the hospital, I beg you. She pleaded. You’re the only available man around, please drive us there.

“But you know, my uncle…” I started saying, but she cut in and said, “Please Maurice, this is about life and death. Come with us please.” she pleaded in tears.

I had no choice. I couldn’t find my way home, it was late.  My uncle must be dead worried now, maybe mad at me, but, someone is about to die. Let me just go with them. I said to myself.

“It’s late and I can’t find my way around Lagos.” I said to Rose. “Don’t worry, Florence would show you the way.

I sat at the driver’s seat and drove. Florence directed me and just as we almost got to the hospital, I messed up.

I entered a lane they called BRT lane. And just before I could take caution from Florence and Rose, before I could find my way out of that lane, some men showed up and arrested us. I was drained! What! People still work around 10 pm? Don’t they have families?

That’s another episode entirely. We started begging! They would have us go to their office by all means. Rose had to cough out #30k to bribe those men. And finally, we were released. We got to the hospital few minutes to 11 pm.

Tessy was on a drip when we met her. Thank God she was recovering fast. She needed some things and I automatically became the driver for the night. We kept moving from one place to another just to get everything needed to stabilise Tessy.

 We were finally able to sit and rest around 12:15 am.

“Thanks for your Kindness, Maurice. What are you going to do now?” She asked me.

“Well, I just have to go home. My uncle might die of hypertension if I don’t show up.” I explained to her. “Let me take Florence along, pick my key and phone, drive home and Florence would bring back your car.” I added.

She agreed, hugged me and asked us to go.

I gisted with Florence while I drove to Rose’s house to get my phone and key.  She told me how nice I’ve been and how much she likes to hang with nice guys. I smiled and told her every woman wants a nice man. We also talked about my uncle, how worried he’d be and what his reaction on seeing me would be.

On getting to Rose’s house, we heard heavy gunshots somewhere around. It was so bad that it lasted for about 20 minutes.

It was either a case of cult clash, robbery or area boys at war, Florence told me. She advised I stay, pass the night at Rose’s place then leave in the morning. Acting otherwise would be sheer foolishness, so, I agreed to pass the night with her at Rose’s place.

I had several messages on switching my phone on. My uncle was worried. He wanted to know my whereabout. But his phone was switched off when I tried calling him.

I was worried and Florence could see it. She told me a lot of soothing words, and I felt better. I decided to live the moment as it came.

“Let me take a cold shower then try to sleep. I have a lot to attend to at dawn.” I told Florence. Just when I stood up to walk to the bathroom, she stood up too, moved towards me, held me, and kissed me.

Wow! I was taken unawares. I felt a tingle down my spine. Now, this was one girl I had become so relaxed with and admired within the short frame of our homeward rapport. Just at her mere touch, all the day’s worries went into oblivion. At her gentle kiss, I became absorbed with the desire to explore her sweetness for all eternity. Damn! I couldn’t resist.

I did not want to resist! And then, I wrapped her in my arms… I was momentarily caught up in a state of bliss… I knew I had to touch her, feel her, caress her, else, I might just be lost. And just when, just when I held her chin, looking deeply into her eyes and tried to return her kiss, my phone rang! My girlfriend! The ringtone spelt it, and I knew it! It was my girlfriend! What the heck! Florence looked at the phone, looked back at me and I saw the question in her eyes…

To be continued…

Watch out for the part 4.

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