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“Good to meet you,” she said [with a kiss smiley]. “Same here,” I typed back. After we chatted for about 20 minutes, she demanded my pictures and I sent a few nice ones. She psyched me… called me “Doro sexy” and I felt great. I love being teased by sexy ladies. I think every guy likes it.

Then she sent two of her pictures and I was momentarily paralyzed…

The first one was baaaad! It was deliberate, I think she wanted me to see something… Or maybe imagine something… She was on a short black top [the top revealed her navel… I told you she’s very fair, abi? Okay] and a black Jeans. The short top revealed the upper part of her chest, so her cleavage was well revealed.

The second picture was worse! Sorry, I can’t tell you what I saw. Let’s just pretend you don’t understand what I’m talking about. Or better still, let’s leave it to your imagination, at least, that is free.

But the truth is, those pictures sent some messages.

I started thinking about the pictures, imagining different things. I noticed I was getting sensitive, so I decided to put off my phone. I told her I had a low battery. That would save me from messing myself up, I consoled myself.

There was a terrible traffic congestion around Lagos-Ibadan expressway. MFM had a programme and the road was congested, Rose was right, I was wrong.

We were at a spot for two hours. Then we began to move slowly… The last time I checked my wrist watch was in Ibadan and it was 3 pm then, as at 06:45 pm, I was still not at Lagos.

I got very hungry and needed to eat something. “What would you eat, Rose?” I inquired… “I think I’m hungry now.” I said to her. “Oh, Thanks, Maurice, I won’t eat… I have a sensitive stomach, ” she explained.

Hey! Gala! Gala! I called on a street hawker. He ran towards our bus, stretched two pieces of Gala to me. I took both and paid. Then our bus began to move… Thank God it’s moving quite well, I said to myself… I felt some fresh air after a long time.

Afterwards, I saw a guy selling Lacasera, I beckoned and asked him to come. I took one and handed a N1,000 note to him, just as he was trying to give me the balance, the car moved, not too fast though, but because he intentionally didn’t make moves to give me the balance, we lost him in the traffic behind us.

“What!” I screamed impulsively. I felt like jumping down the bus. I got really angry, so much that I could not eat the things I bought.

“Welcome to Lagos!” Rose said teasingly. I made a tiny smile. A forced one at that. Everything she said afterwards didn’t make sense to me. I kept thinking of my N900 balance. God will punish that Lacasera guy, I said in my heart. Foolish boy, I also insulted him.

I got home around 9:15 pm. I was too tired to gist with my uncle. I just took a cold shower, ate rice and dozed off.

One Week Later…

My phone rang, on checking who the caller was, I saw ‘Rose travel.’ I saved her name with how I met her. I had a mixed feeling… My mind told me something would go wrong, but I had to pick her call… courtesy demands that, at least.

“Hey Rose, how are you?” I asked her. “I’m okay, where are you?” She inquired. “I’m at Ketu,” I answered. “Send me your address, please, I’m around Ketu,” she requested.

She showed up after 30 minutes.  It was around 4 pm and my uncle wasn’t back from the office. I took her in, offered some drinks, I quickly fried chips and egg and we both ate.  She sat next to me on a couch, we discussed general life issues while we watched ‘Three Idiots’.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my thigh. Honestly, I was caught unawares. I just didn’t know what to do, so, I acted dumb. Then she caressed my thigh and was moving her hand up. Ah! Roseee alakoba! [Meaning, she’s going to put me in trouble].

I quickly stood up and excused myself. I was really tempted. I had several thoughts… I felt I should just do it and even continue to do it with her, after all, she threw herself at me. But, I remembered I had a girlfriend. My girlfriend isn’t with me, she wouldn’t even know… I thought…

What if Rose is a witch? What if she gets pregnant? What if I contract HIV? What if she’s meant to destroy me? What if something is not just right? I asked myself questions.

Then I decided I wasn’t going to sleep with her. I went in, got dressed and asked her to accompany me to a nearby bank to get some cash.

As we walked along, she told me how much she’s fallen for me, how she was thrilled the second she noticed me by her side, how my conversation with my girlfriend made her feel jealous, and how she would do anything to prove her love for me.

You want to prove your love, by sleeping with me? Is that what love is? Well, I didn’t ask her those questions, they were just my thoughts. And you’re hearing them now. After conversing for a while, I told her I liked her too, but that I was in a relationship. I told her we should just be friends and she agreed.

Two Weeks Later…

I was at her place. Why was I there? You probably would ask. Well, she wanted to kill me with calls and messages, inviting me repeatedly. After making many efforts, she was even getting angry with me. I didn’t feel cool about the idea, but she had become my friend, so, I decided to honour her invitation.

She is very comfortable. She lives near Victoria Island where her dad has lots of houses. Her dad is a politician… She didn’t tell me, but I figured it out. In fact, you would know him if I mentioned his name.  But I’m not going to tell you his name. Sorry about that.

She was happy to see me, she hugged me, [I like hugs] so, I enjoyed it. Two of her friends, also models were there. They were all happy to see me. We got to meet each other and later exchanged numbers.

I noticed Rose wasn’t cool with the fact that I got along very easily with her friends, especially the fact that I gave them my contact information. Thirty minutes later, her friends left us.

She then opened up to me about her displeasure. She said I shouldn’t have given them my contact information, that what if…

What if what? I asked her. She said I should forget about it. I didn’t want to press the issue, but I kept asking myself… What if what?

What if they kidnap me?

What if they snatch me from her?

What if they rob me?

What if… What?

She cut into my thoughts and invited me to her dining table. Well, it’s one of the finest I’ve seen. I love her apartment! Money truly talks! I asked myself if she had everything from the modelling job or if she relies on her father. But how’s that my business?

Rice and chicken were served and it was time to eat. But before then, she offered me a ‘starter’. Well, it looked whitish, soup-like in nature then she gave me something baked with flower – It looked like bread. By the time I was done with the starter, I was really not hungry again. Do I still need to eat? I asked myself.  The truth is, I’m not used to those starter things.

She offered cutlery – table fork, table knife and spoon. I’m not used to that style of eating with fork and knife. But because she ate with them, I also had to. Guys no dey carry last nau. Lol.

To start with, the rice kept falling off the table fork. I just told you I’m not used to eating with it, right? Ok. After about seven attempts, I decided to eat my chicken since it was winking at me.

Fork at my left hand, table knife at my right, I began to deal with the chicken. Gradually, I got comfortable. I can’t remember what got me distracted, somehow, I miscalculated and a piece of chicken flew out of the bowl, landed on the soup [stew] bowl beside it and they both designed my white shirt + brown trousers with stain.

While I was struggling with that, my left hand pushed the glass cup of juice by my side and it poured on my trousers. Whew! I was in for it. How would I go home?

It would take me another 2 to 3 hours to get home and I had to meet my uncle almost immediately at his office. My plan was to leave Rose’s place and dash out to his place.

What will I do? All these were thoughts that came to my mind in split seconds. Coming back to the present, I felt really embarrassed.  But Rose just smiled… “Sorry, dear, it happens. Especially when you’re not free.” she teased me.  She was right, I wasn’t free, at all.

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “No, no, no,” she said. “Don’t worry about me. My concern is your dress. How are we going to get it cleaned? She looked at the direction of her washing machine.

“I have a washing machine + a dryer. If you don’t mind, Tessy, [her house help] would clean them for you.” She told me

Do I have a choice? I had to get them cleaned. “Ok, ok, thanks,” I said to her. She then led me to a room, I guess it’s her room, she asked me to change my clothes and put on any shirt of my choice. I quickly went in, changed and brought my clothes out for Tessy to clean.

I took a red top of hers, but I could not wear her Jeans. So I came to the living room with the top and my boxer shorts. Though I didn’t feel cool, but, I had no choice.

“Let me take a shower,” I requested since I was going to meet my uncle and I was already soaked with soup + juice. She asked me to go back to the same room, turn left and open a door.

That was easy, I quickly went. Got undressed and I took a warm shower. I enjoyed the warm bath. So, I started singing John Legend’s song, “All of me loves all of you.” I was playing in the bath with my eyes closed.

On opening my eyes o, I couldn’t believe what I saw. What! Rose was inside the bathroom, half naked. “What are you doing here?” I shouted! “Please go out! Please!” I screamed. She wanted to pull down her skirt to join me in the bath, but I became angry. “You don’t have to do this,” I told her. “You will successfully check me out of liking you. Even if we are going to have anything together, let me be willing to do it myself. Don’t push me too hard, please.” I explained to her.

To be continued…

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