“To touch is to give life.” Said Michelangelo.

How true!

Holding hands with your lover always feels good. Did you ever ask why? Maybe you should.

We all love to be hugged by those we love. But most people don’t know the reason.

In fact, ladies especially find this act romantic. Their world gets ignited when they have their man being ‘touchy’ all around. They find it blissful.

Details You Should Know

People feel loved and happy when they get touched, and more than just being happy, they feel a level of connection with the person who does the touching.

When people get angry, they hate being touched by their offender. As a matter of fact, you know a lady is beginning to like you when she gets comfortable with you touching her.

The Science Of Touch

When you get ‘touched’ [hugs or kisses] by a loved one, the brain releases a hormone known as Oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as love hormone. It’s the reason people feel connected and loved. It’s what makes people feel special and the reason lovers feel bonded to each other [it is also responsible for the special mother-child bonding].

This hormone is so powerful that it has the ability to boost the immune system, thereby, healing the sick. More importantly, it can suppress the stress hormone, cortisol, and hence, reducing the blood pressure. Yes, love can bring down high blood pressure. And the lack of it can shoot up BP by activating the release of the stress hormone.

Constant physical touch [especially by a new lover… Someone with a clean slate who has not hurt us in anyway or given us reasons to doubt or feel fear] can lead to increased level of oxytocin production, which can in turn lead to a high level of connection and bonding [when someone in love appears to be hypnotised], it can also lead to a state of ‘hyper excitement,’ a state of little irrational behaviours [you know that moment when lovers can’t really think straight… The ‘love is blind’ state]. 

Oxytocin has the ability to increase trust and reduce fear. That explains why lovers feel it’s near impossible for their partners to cheat or hurt them, even when the red flags are there and are visible to every other person. It is therefore right to say that true love believes all things. Well, it’s not really the lover’s fault. It just happens!

Let’s Break It Down:

#1. It increases lifespan. Studies have shown repeatedly that, women who get touched constantly by their husbands live longer than those who don’t get touched. Love is that powerful! Even among animals, those that get constant physical touch have higher surviving rates than those who don’t.

#2. It improves performance. We all grew up to know that pats on the back and having our parent’s hands around our shoulders mean acceptance, love, connection, approval and support. I know I used to look forward to those from my parents. And each time I get my family’s support and approval, I perform better. I did a little research on this and found it to be true for even animals. When next your lover is taking a difficult task, touch them and whisper, ‘I believe in you,’ then wait and see what will happen next.

#3. It boosts confidence. Timid adults were timid children who grew up. And most times, parents destroy their children’s confidence by saying certain ‘courage destroying’ words. There are parents who never get close to their children. And of course, most adults retain their childhood memories. In fact, we are partly formed by those memories.

The point is, we have not, and will never grow out of seeking support, courage and connection from our loved ones. Simply touching your lover and assuring them of your love and support can be magical.

#4. It causes bonding. Touch is one of the ways romantic partners bond with each other and parents bond with their children. When partners and families get busy and let touch go out the window, they’ll often find that they don’t feel as close, and relationships suffer. Regular touch is one of the ways that we continually renew our bonds with those we love.

#5. Improve your outlook. It’s harder to get into a pessimistic funk when you feel the confidence of being connected to others. Touch can make people feel more optimistic and positive and less cynical and suspicious. A positive, trusting attitude towards others can reduce tension in our daily lives and improve our relationships.

#6. Lowers your blood pressure. Studies have shown that, those that get regular touch often have lower blood pressure than those who don’t. I explained that earlier. Even having a pet can have beneficial effects! Touch can also slow the heart rate and help speed recovery times from illness and surgery.

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Let’s Get Practical:

Spend at least 10 to 30 minutes every week [if not every day] to be with your lover; hold hands and have them really close. Cuddle them and say sweet words to them.

Hold them close when you sleep [for those who are married], not as foreplay, but to minister to them.

If you keep this practice for 3 months, it will work wonders in your lover’s physical, psychological and emotional health. It will in turn improve the quality of your relationship. And the result? You automatically will become happy, because it will make your lover happy.

You are your lover’s best medication. And simply touching them gives life to them. You see, great things are not always expensive. But we get too familiar with them, and ultimately despise them.

Speak Your Mind: How do you feel when you get touched by your lover? And how often do you touch your partner?

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