The Happy Couple’s Guide

Included in your package are: The Happy Couple’s Guide – a PDF spanning 70 pages, 7 Acts of Great Relationships – an audiobook lasting 49 minutes, and the Happy Couple’s Workbook.

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Here’s Your Chance!

The heartache and mental suffering that follows a breakup is too substantial to commit to a relationship that’s bound to fail. A broken marriage can be as unbearable as a broken bone, causing immense misery.


My name is Paul LAWAL.

When I met my wife, Eve, a beautiful and intelligent woman, I had one big fear.

If you have experienced a previous relationship that was once sweet but ultimately failed, or if you have been in multiple relationships that left you feeling defeated, deflated, and broken, then you can understand this sentiment…

Nothing scares us more than seeing the person we love falling out of love or seeing them falling in love with another person.

That’s right!

To dedicate my time, resources, and emotions to a relationship, only for it to ultimately fail? To have optimistic expectations dashed by the thoughtless actions of irresponsible individuals?

No sir!

Not at this stage!

I initially hesitated to let my guard down. I was apprehensive because she seemed too perfect. And most beautiful ladies with intimidating brains are a piece of a puzzle.

To protect my heart and preserve my personality, I had to ensure she was a suitable partner for me, particularly because I had put all my eggs in one basket, I couldn’t afford to take a chance on a risky bet.

That was the advent of my book: “THE HAPPY COUPLE’S GUIDE: Building a Solid Foundation for Your Marriage.” I needed to do something truly remarkable, something that will stand the test of time, and yes, something I will have to put to the test.

What do you think?

I cracked it!

My creativity and resourcefulness were on full display!

It was a significant breakthrough! A complete triumph!

I’ve never felt joy as pure as the one I share with my wife. Through our joint efforts, she has become my ideal partner, and we have been enjoying a happy marriage for many years.

Do you not yearn for this kind of experience?

I am certain that you do!

You deserve to be happy and to have a fulfilling relationship.

That’s not the best part, even.

I have perfected the book over the years. You see, I have helped people with their relationships for over a decade and the knowledge has been compressed in a book, “THE HAPPY COUPLE’S GUIDE: Building a Solid Foundation for Your Marriage.”

Listen, before you get entangled emotionally, probably again, what if…

  • There is a well-structured way to know whether or not a relationship is worth your time and attention.
  • You can tell if the person you’re meeting is right for you before you fall too deeply in love.
  • There’s a method to rekindle passion and love in a relationship that may be weak or faltering.

Would that make your journey easier? Would it make you happier?


That’s my offer!

The cost of a failed marriage is too much to invest in a gamble.

I’ve helped a lot of people manage their emotions after an agonizing heartbreak. I know how hard and painful it was for them. Some even became suicidal. It’s a big deal, believe me.

A woman called me one morning and said, “Paul, I’m done with my marriage and I don’t know if I’d survive it. I just want you to know.”

You think men don’t cry, right? Think again! I’ve seen men crying, begging their partners not to leave – one said his world would fall apart. Matters of the heart are fragile. And what brings happiness may also bring pain and suffering.

People often ask:


Can I ever find true love? How will I know it’s true love?

How can I deal with a difficult spouse?

How can I inspire growth in my partner?

How can I make my spouse see things from my perspective?

How can I change my partner or make my relationship work?

How can I make my spouse love me more?

This is my best answer: “THE HAPPY COUPLE’S GUIDEBuilding a Solid Foundation for Your Marriage.

You’ll learn HOW HAPPY COUPLES...

  • Disagree and manage conflicts.
  • Communicate, and factors that make effective communication in marriage
  • Manage their finance, and why they’re never broke
  • Build a positive relationship with in-laws and develop a support network
  • Grow together and develop multiple areas of intersections 
  • Strengthen their mental health and navigate difficult times. 
  • Balance work and personal life while prioritizing shared interests
  • Know the key elements in relationships that lead to marriage.

And other fascinating topics that will capture your interest.

This book is ideal for anyone in a relationship, particularly those who are newlywed or preparing to get married.

It comes with my AUDIO BOOK, “7 Acts Of Great Relationships” a step-by-step approach to a flawless relationship.

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Think about it…

That’s a little investment. It’s nothing compared to the cost of your emotional pain. And less than what you spend on recharge cards weekly.

That’s it! Now it’s your choice.

You can decide to take that one-time step, save yourself emotional pain, and get it right or neglect this super opportunity and gamble again with your emotions.

Remember, what brings happiness can also bring pain and suffering.


Can I get my money back? Absolutely!  The book has 24 hours money-back guarantee. I will refund your money without asking questions.

Do you have a hard copy of the book? No! it’s only in e-book format for now.

How will I get the book? It will be sent to your e-mail once your payment is confirmed.

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