I’ve been on this side of life for over a decade; relating events, learning, and observing why some ladies seem to be in control of their lives – they have the choicest of men, great jobs/businesses, enviable homes, amazing kids, etc. Happiness, to them, is a lifestyle. Yet, there are many others who seem to struggle with everything, especially their love life.
The big questions are: why are some ladies having the menfolk to themselves while others are in dear need? What exactly is the factor that gets men helplessly and hopelessly attracted to ladies? The first thing is…
 The Charm
My ability to flow with ladies is extraordinary. This is simply because I understand the psychology of women. And my body language mechanism is powerful, which makes connecting and communicating with ladies, even with total strangers very easy. I build lasting relationships in minutes, I leave them mesmerized and thinking… ‘Who the heck was that guy?’  My magnetic personality has fetched me a good number of female friends. I talked about this in my blazing hot book, ‘The Acts Of Cheating‘ 
 The truth, however, is, I don’t get attracted to just any lady. Two things get me instantly connected to a lady: physical attraction and intellectual prowess. Don’t blame me, that’s how men are wired. We are creatures that are moved by the sight, after all, only God looks at the heart. The key, therefore, is to…
 Stay Attractive
Who says your look doesn’t matter? I’m sure you’re not going to buy such lies. If appearances do not matter, what else does? Character? Well, not at the initial stage. Character comes second. If you don’t look attractive as a woman, you stand to lose a lot of good men. As a matter of fact, quite a number of ladies are still single because of their looks. Men simply find them unattractive. You know…
 The smoothness of your face, the shape of your eyebrow, the blend of your makeup, the style of your hair, the fit of your clothes, the elegance of your shoes, the irresistibility of your deodorant, the smile on your face, the trim of your body, the cat of your walk, the stun of your outfit etc. Are all important. 
Being attractive is not always expensive, it’s, however, the first rule of getting hooked.
Don’t move around with overdue and un-kept hair, sweaty and smelly armpits, oversized clothes, smelly mouth, stained and dirty clothes, etc. Most importantly, don’t move around with a long face, nobody wants to see it. 
Being a believer and having good character isn’t enough. There’s always more. Now you should know that…
Intelligence Is Sexy
An irresistible woman isn’t a sex machine. She’s not the type whose hope of survival is her body. The desirable woman is intelligent, vast in knowledge, and most importantly, she puts her intelligence to work.
Weak women believe it’s men’s world. Some easy women leave intellectual jobs for the men. It’s the contrary for the irresistible woman. She goes out of her way, learns everything she needs to know and stays up the helm of affairs. She’s best at what she does, even men seek her counsel.
She’s a problem solver, status quo changer, and a difference maker. She’s always thinking… “How can I add value to this organization?” “How can I positively affect these people?” “What next can I do?” “What can I change?” 
She wouldn’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. She gets what she wants by doing what needs to be done the right way. That’s the reason she’s always the most preferred, the most sought for. Every man desires to hook up with women who are visibly different, that’s the truth.  Then…
Her Lifestyle
I’ve seen a good number of women whose presence commands respect, whose words are graced and whom men would die to have. Many of them have similar traits. Let me share some of them with you:
1. They are virtuous. Even the worst of men wants a godly woman. The truth is, men are in search of women they can trust with their life. Women who would not mess around, women who would train their kids in a godly way. 
2. They have crystal clear purpose. Irresistible women have great plans and they know exactly what they want and what to do in order to get it. Men find such women more attractive than the ones who would wait on men to shape their lives. 
3. They are not idle. Women who have jobs, business or something tangible doing have higher chances of getting hooked by reasonable men than the ones who are idle. As much as men love to be seen as men, they also desire women who would accentuate their efforts by making meaningful contributions to the family.
4. They are not lazy. Irresistible women wake up early and sleep late at night. They make everyone comfortable, provide for their family, never giving excuses, and always willing to make things work. They don’t take on just easy tasks, they enjoy the difficult ones – the one others would ignore. 
5. They solve everyone’s problem. These set of women don’t cause problems, they solve them. They do everything in their power to make life bearable and enjoyable for others. Share your ideas with them and they would tell you a thousand and one ways to implement them.  
6. They are not selfish. There are women who ‘takes’ – they make demands on everything. But the irresistible woman gives – she gives everything. Her time, her money, her knowledge, her network, everything.  It’s cool you also know about…
Her Love Life
The desirable woman understands men’s psychology – how they think and why they do what they do. First, she tries to understand her lover’s past and his unique lifestyle – his relationship experiences, upbringing, preferences, love language, likes and dislikes, future plans, dreams, and ultimately, how he wants to be treated.
With this knowledge in place, she treats him like a king, giving him pleasures beyond his widest imaginations. Let me share what makes her lovely:
1. She thinks for him and with him. An irresistible woman is always looking for ways to improve the quality of her man’s life. She tells him how he would make more money by opening his eyes to available opportunities. She understands that a man’s greatest thought is how to make more money.
2. She doesn’t leave him to bear his burdens alone. She’s awake when he’s not sleeping, she’s sad when he’s not happy. She’s always thinking of how to lighten his burden and ease his pain. 
3. She says comforting words. The irresistible woman has words of grace. She tells her man ‘it’s going to be fine’, even at his most challenging times. She gives him reasons to stay alive and fight back. She gives him shoulders to lean on.
4. Her lover’s passion and hobbies become hers. Smart women don’t seek their man’s attention, they command it. Such women takes up their man’s hobbies and passion and make it their obsession. Thereby creating an automatic channel of communication and connection with their man. By so doing, they will always be together, sharing ideas, discussing their passion, making meaningful conversations and enjoying their hobbies without having to leave one another. 
5. She speaks his love language. Smart women don’t treat their men the way they want to be treated. They study their men, understand what takes them to cloud nine, then leave them helplessly mesmerized. 
6. She’s patient with her man. The irresistible woman understands that once in a while, she’s going to disagree with her man on certain key issues. She also understands, however that, they are only seeing things from different perspectives and that doesn’t make them adversaries.    
7. She’s good in the kitchen and on the bed. Ok, here’s the big one. Men like good food and they love sweet sex. The irresistible woman would always have her man satisfied. You know what I mean.
8. She gives him pleasant surprises. The weak woman believes it’s the man who should always do the giving, the smart woman understands there’s no rule that says that. Who doesn’t like pleasant surprises? 
9. She knows her place as a woman. The irresistible woman never seeks to outshine her man. With her knowledge, network and intelligence, she still understands her place. She’s respective and submissive; not questioning her man’s authority, and not contesting with his ideas. She’s smart enough to always have her ways, yet leaving her man happy. Here’s what she does…
Rather than telling her man what to do, she sells her ideas in suggestion layouts, giving him incontestable reasons why he should give thought to her suggestions. That makes it very easy for her to always have her ways without crossing the line.  
 You can have a good life and still have a good relationship, it’s that easy. 
 Question:  Mention some qualities that will make you choose a spouse. Use the comment box below.

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