One day I wrote a beautiful piece. I knew it was nice ‘cos I really was in love with it, and that doesn’t happen always. Just when I was almost done, my system tripped off and I lost everything. My auto-save didn’t work, I assumed.

I was momentarily paralysed. A gush of thoughts ran through my head. You know how it feels when you lost something you’ve worked hard to get, something you might not get again the exact way it was. I felt really bad; I blamed myself repeatedly for not saving it when I had the opportunity. I became sad; it was as if I lost someone dear to me.

I felt I should start all over after some time, but if you have ever written a great piece, then you will know I wouldn’t have it back the way I lost it.

The One Question We Ask Ourselves

Where do I start?

How do I start?

I spent about four hours on that piece. It was a comparative piece with lots of research and data analysis. That’s not something I do every time.

With each though came specks of depression. My thoughts activated the release of the stress hormone, and yes, it was bad for me. I knew I should do something about it, but the fact was that I lost something I cherished and I could not just pretend it didn’t happen.

Even If You ‘Wish’ Forever, It Will Not Change A Thing

I wished for a miracle… I tried everything I could, but it was gone. It was all gone.


 I decided to start all over.

Reaching that decision and actually taking action wasn’t easy.  That’s the major problem most people have – how to start all over after investing so much, after spending a lot of time and resources, after giving their best or after depending entirely on something that didn’t work.

It’s a big deal, I know.

I took it gradually, wrote the things I could remember, and in no time, I got drained. So, I left it to get refreshed with other non-intellectual activities. 

By the time I switched my system on and clicked on Microsoft Word, I found my lost document! The system actually auto-saved it but I didn’t know.

The excitement was immense! I felt great.

Why did I share that with you?

I thought you might learn from it because starting all over is one of our greatest fears as humans.

It is the bondage that holds us back.

It’s the reason we hold on to a poor life and bad relationships.

It’s the reason we get stuck with the very things we dislike.

We just can’t let go of everything we’ve worked hard to get, so, we hold unto the pieces life throw at us. We don’t like it, but we are not going to let it go. How frustrating!

Little Things Make A Great Difference

The average person is almost always comfortable with the average. He’s just cool with losing/failing small. He wants to play safe and retain the little he’s made. It’s convenient to rut in our comfort zone while playing the ‘I’m familiar with this’ game.

Great people, on the other hand, hate the average. They strive to win big and would go all out to get what they want, the exact way they want it. Great people do what has to be done… That’s what they always do and that’s the reason they hardly fail.

The Greatest Lesson Life Taught Me

If there’s one lesson I’ve learnt in life, it is that life/fortune favours the brave.

You know your job isn’t what you want. What have you done about it?

You know you don’t find fulfillment in what you do. You know you earn too little. You know you’re worth more than you’re offered. What move have you made?

Why did you stick your ass there?

You can’t launch all out, stand the pain while it last and get something more rewarding and satisfying afterwards because you’re scared. You’re either scared you’re going to fail or you’re scared of being rejected. I know you’re not going to admit it, however, it’s true. Deep down in you, I’m sure you know it.

Look, cowards often don’t go far, they don’t even live long. You see, even in their hiding places, they still die! Life is not for the weak; not in will nor in act. You just have to be strong. That’s the only way to live and stay alive.

You know you’re in love with a dog… He sleeps with anything on skirt; he disrespects you and your family. You don’t see him when you need him, he beats you up at will, and he doesn’t even care whether or not you leave. Yet you’re keeping up with him because you’re getting really old, your friends are married and your parents want you married… Congratulations!

He’d either infect you with HIV or dump you eventually. And when it happens, you will have to enjoy it all alone.

Hey, some things don’t worth enduring and some people don’t worth your wait. The reason you’ve not made any move is because you don’t want to start all over.

The truth is, starting all over or doing it right is going to pay off in the end. Going through the pain to get the gain is 100 times better than sticking to what isn’t working. Things don’t always get better… Sometimes they just get worse.

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How About Letting It Go And Starting All Over?

Does it sound like a great idea?

You should let it go if it’s not working, no matter how long you’ve been on it. If it requires changing strategies, do it. And if you need to start something new, well, do it as well. Managing something bad is really bad.

You can make 2016 the best year ever. You can find love and fulfillment again. You can do it right by letting go of what’s holding you back. I’m sure you can.

Great Things Begin With A Step

A step is all you need. At times it’s the scariest thing to do, but you should do it anyway.

Rise to your event, ride your tide and sail your boat.

If you don’t take care of your dream, who will?

Dare to live your dream. I think you should.

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