There he was, standing tall; wearing a smile that would melt the hardest of hearts. He had the eyes of many shining stars in a still dark night. He looked like a French model, or perhaps, he was a Mexican model. He was an angel without wings and my knight in shining armour.

He was the finest man in Nigeria and I was just an innocent, not-pretty teenager. I would have called myself “ugly” if not for the compliments I constantly received, referring to me as ‘pretty’.

All I could say, each time he asked me out was, “Chima, I don’t want to make a mistake” and he’d reply, “You look at me, Queeneth, and call me a mistake? I will never leave you and I will never break your heart. Just give me a chance to prove how much I love you.”

Angela told me it was okay to give him a chance that he was handsome beyond words and every girl in school had a crush on him. I felt like a princess whose hands needed to be taken in the arms of a charming prince.

After all said and done, I told him ‘Yes’ and he cried out loud and grabbed me by the knees; I had no idea what effect my answer had on him. Finally, I was his girlfriend. What was he going to expect from me? A thought I hardly could take off my head.

Mama would have disapproved of my decision and Papa would have been disappointed if he was still alive.

So many doubts in the corners of my heart, but, it seemed my emotional decision was a little too late as I felt my answer was irrevocable and I sighed at the thought of this. I visited Chima at the Corperslodge on several occasions and one day, he gave me my first kiss. It was strange and I went back home with an upper swollen lip. Mama noticed it but I told her I hit my face on a locker in my class; but then, I knew she didn’t believe.

The constant thought of Chima brought out poetry in me. Sometimes, I will fumble with some of the melodies I knew.  At times, I would laugh at myself for the inappropriate use of the rhythms. I already had caterpillars in my stomach and had no doubt they were soon going to turn to butterflies. I smiled sheepishly and talked about Chima to Angie and Sakina (my best friends) and they’d remained lost in my fantasy world.

I sneaked into Chima’s lodge again and again and Mama knew something was going on with me. She had told me to be careful since puberty had been my recent monthly visitor and also said that a single handshake with any boy could get me pregnant. It was hilarious and ridiculous to Sakina.

Mama believed I was going to make her proud someday. I believed her and prayed her dream came true. I was all she had and wanted to be the best daughter any mother could ever ask for.

I visited Chima few more times and strange things started happening to me, but, I had no idea what they were.

On one occasion, I got very angry when I met a girl in his room and the first question he asked was if I was hungry. What did he take me for? He did not even introduce me to her. I was mad and jealous at the same time. He stylishly chased me away and claimed he was going to call my number which he never did.

I almost went senseless expecting his call. I looked at my phone every second, imagining I had missed his call or something. Every sound around became my ring tone as my imaginations ran wild and my senses, stirred. I was insanely on tenterhooks and I held my phone all day evening hoping he would call.                               

 I started having sleepless nights, feeling cramps in my lower abdomen, this was new for me and I woke up one morning feeling like a fish out of water, I felt uncomfortable and sick at the same time and quickly knew something was wrong, but could not figure out what it was. I told my confidant, Sakina, after two weeks of pretending to Mama I had a project in school which was taking all my time.

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There was something I left out. I didn’t tell you Chima had sex with me. I could not say it because I presumed you would blame me. It however was not my fault. I was in love for the first time. Plus I needed to prove my love to him. That was what he told me… that sex was a proof of love. And I gullibly believed his promise… “You’re not going to get pregnant, trust me.”

What did I know?

I went for a pregnancy test after my friend convinced me to, and guess what? It was positive!

 What was I supposed to do? Everything became even more real when we discussed Reproduction in Biology at school. I was having all the pregnancy signs. Sakina and I visited a fake doctor. His dirty instruments and dirty environment discouraged me.

Days were going by and on a faithful Monday morning, mama was invited to my school by one Mrs. Kofoworola, who sent for me and ushered us into her office. Mrs Kofo was our Head Teacher and a parent, too. She had a small frame, with lots of veins running down her hands, she looked like someone who had been doing the work of a bricklayer.

Here she was, looking at my mother straight in the eyes and telling my mother, “Madam, years of being a school teacher and being in the business of raising kids has taught me to know about children and their body system, especially when an alien gets into their system. Ma’am, Queeneth is pregnant!”

To be continued.

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