It is the great Helen Keller who was credited to have said that, life is an adventure or its nothing. As you find your adventure through life, there are bound to be high moments as well as low ones, and I guess we can all relate to this fact.
We all enjoy the high points when momentum is high and everything seems to be going on as planned. However, as it is with life, the low points are also bound to come when we are thrown into a quandary, short of what to do. Knowing what to do at such times can make the difference between quitting and trudging on to victory. Here are some vital things you can do when you find yourself in that uncomfortable place – when the going gets tough. 
Ask Why: Sometimes we lose focus of things, we forget why we are doing what we do and life just gets on rote. This disconnect is one of the reasons we hit low moments in life. And so at such times, it is important to take some time off and ask yourself WHY. ‘Why’ is a question of purpose, it helps to guide you back to get to the basics of why you are doing what you are doing.
This knowledge might clear things up for you, help you clarify your purpose and that in turn might just be the solution that you need. Even when it doesn’t prove to be the magic wand to your challenge, it will in the least give you the needed impetus to take the challenges head on pull through tough times. Purpose will refresh you at low times. 
Ask Help: Your challenge is someone else’s piece of cake. Someone has been in your shoes before and scaled through victoriously. Hearing their stories will help you fix part of the missing puzzles in your own challenge or life. It will give you the courage and hope that should encourage you that you’re not hopeless, then you go out and ask such people how they did it, and you can apply the same principles too. 
Sometimes we are tempted to want to put the pieces together on our own. But, you see, it could take more time than you’re willing to sacrifice. There are people who can show you what you’re missing. There are those who know exactly what you need. There are people who have what you want. Look out for them. Find them. And ask for help. It doesn’t make you weak, it means you’re smart.
Buddy Up: Don’t at any time in your life be a lone-ranger. You are always going to need people in your life to encourage you, help you stay on track and help complement areas where you might be weak. Such relationships are all the more important when you face tough times. Sharing with people going through same will sharpen perspectives and create bond that further strengthen both parties. Note that you shouldn’t turn this into a pity party.
Step Back: Sometimes the problem is that we are too steep and too engaged in the process that we’ve lost objectivity. And so it becomes imperative to make out time to step back a bit and try to reassess things even as you try to get the big picture and fill in the lines. It’s important to take a step back from time to time to take a look from afar, view the big picture and watch things fall in place.
Don’t wait till you hit a low before taking time to do a reassessment. Ensure that once every quarter you take time off [at least 12 hours] to reflect on where you are, as against where you are coming from and where you are headed, and you will find yourself soaring even when hard times come because you always had your sight on the big picture.
Let’s hear from you: You sure have had some challenging times, how did you manage those moments? Use the comment box below to share your strategies.

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