Let me start by giving you a note of warning: Don’t build your life on relationship promises, people change their mind.
Let me start by saying this: until you walk down the aisle, tie the knot and you both say “I do,” Do Not consider yourself his wife! That doesn’t sound good, sadly enough, it’s the truth. 
This week was a busy one for me. I had counselling sessions from morning deep into evening, almost every day! It has been different strokes for different folks.
From The Ladies Angle
For the ladies, it took almost the same direction – “My boyfriend is breaking up with me,” “My boyfriend is seeing his ex,” “We are supposed to get married soon, my boyfriend is walking out of the relationship,” “My boyfriend is cheating on me” “My boyfriend’s parents are against our marriage plans” “I’m really not sure he loves me,” “My boyfriend just got someone impregnated,” etc.
I Felt Their Pain
You need to see the gush of emotions with which these ladies talked with me – it’s really painful to see the person you love walk out of your life. It’s like your world is going end.
My Sure Fire Strategy
I have a super effective way of making people feel good almost instantly. It helps get them on their feet and supplies the needed push and power to face life and the reality of their relationship.
I call it Mentra Hugh [An Intelligent Motivating Chant]. It’s a little trick I’ve learnt to play against the mind. It helps people come out of worries, pain, depression, anxiety etc. in one breath and at the blink of the eyes. Something ordinarily that would take them many days or even months.
After taking the ladies through series of life facts, relationship and human dynamics, and a little of psychological and spiritual exercise, helping them realize they have the power to control whatever pain they feel, as long as it’s outside their body [external]. Then I told them where the switch is – their mind! After which I said…
Let Him Go! That is it, let him go!
If your boyfriend have the gut to dump you, if he can dare it, don’t ever try to stop him, bid him fair well! And walk him out the gate of your life! Don’t persuade him one bit! What the hell!
The Magic Key
If you miss it here, you will get stuck for life! Don’t ever try to lure any man into staying with you. Don’t beg him, don’t cry, and don’t feel sorry, Let Him Go! That’s what he wants, help him achieve his dream.
I Understand Your Worries
Paul, you don’t understand, do you? Oh yeah, I do! I understand you have built your life and happiness around him, I understand he pays your bills, I understand you have hoped he’s going to marry you, I understand your parents wants you to get married soon, I understand you’d have to start all over again, I understand you might not even get someone you love easily, and I also understand that age is perhaps not on your side.
I understand your fears, trust me when I say that.
Here’s What You Don’t Understand
I’m however sure you do not understand that when it’s over, it’s over. And that trying to bring back the dead will be a fruitless venture for you. Men don’t get hooked because of tears, that’s not sexy, seductive, attractive or spellbinding. Tears doesn’t have the power to make a man stick to you.
Men don’t love because you deserve it or because you’ve done so much for them. Not even because you have kids for them. Men love because they want to love, and different men love for different reasons.
The truth is, the more you push a man to love or marry you, the farther he’s going to move from you, no matter how hard you try.
Get The Facts:
1. You can’t change a man’s mind about loving you, you don’t have that power. Not sex, not gifts, nothing is going to help you.
2. A man will not change his mind one minute less than he’s willing to do so. And if he’s going to change his mind, it will be his sole decision.
3. The more you plead with the man who has broken up with you, the more you inflate his ego and the lesser your chances of getting him.
4. Incessant begging after a break up is one key reason you will NEVER get him back. There are rules to making your ex stuck in cravings for you, begging him is definitely not on that list, trust me.
5. Its worthless fighting to gain the attention of a man who doesn’t give a damn about what you think or how you feel. What if you save your effort for the man who’s coming next? The one who’s going to treat you right. I think that’s a better deal!
For The Lady Who’s Going Through Heart Break…
You have to be strong enough to walk through it. It’s the only way to get out of it. Let time heal your wounded heart. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t focus on the past, don’t put your life on hold, don’t close your heart because you sure will find love again.
Final Note:
The man who walked out of your life isn’t meant to be in your life, trust me when I say that. And the man who has been designed for your future will soon show up. If the other man stays in your life, the one meant for you might not arrive.
Get ready for true love, he’s right on the way. You sure will spot him when he arrives.
Question: What do you think a lady should do when her man says it’s over? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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